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Monday, April 2, 2012

Sylvania National Runners Up

The Sylvania Maple Leafs, u18 Tier 2 National Championship run came to a 2-1 3 over time end.  The Sylvania Pre-Post team had loged some 17 pre High School and post HS season games.  The result is a testimony to the quality players that are emerging from the Ohio HS system.
Goalie Nate Gay one of the Top 3 Goalies from Ohio this year, had an amazing run at Nationals.  Nate played 282 Min over 5 games (17 min periods).  Faced 163 shots and turned away 157.  That is over 50 more saves, the 2nd ranked goalie.  Nate had a save percentage of .963 allowing only 6 goals.
 Other Sylvania key stats:
Andy Martin 9 pts, 4 G 5 a
Matt Opblinger 7 pts 2g 5 a
Josh Eubank 7 pts 1g 6a
Reid Mankowski 6pts 4g 2a
Dalton Carter 4pts 3g 1a
Reid Kersey 4pts 2g 2a
Josh Cline 3pts 3g
Zach Felser 3pts 2g 1a
Spencer Calcamuggio 3pts 1g 2a
Matt Young 2pts 1g 1a
Ryan Rapp 2pts 1g 1a
Brady Storer 1pt 1 g
Brent Easton 1pt 1a
Dominick Horvath 1pt 1a
Kyle Kuhr 1pt 1a

The defensive core of Sylvania was exceptionally strong the whole tournament.  Players Storer, Easton, Omey, Rapp, Horvath were essential in the numerous Penalty Kill situations the Leafs faced.  Storer generated some great offensive opportunities and scored a key game winner.

It is safe to assume that had these players been unhindered by oppressive out dated state rules that prohibited players from being  on HS teams at the same time as travel teams.  This Leaf squad would have likely won it all, very handily.  Some serious changes need to take place at the state level, here in Ohio.  Some real hockey representation at the OHSAA, and some competitive balance issue need to be handled.