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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Growth and expansion

Well friends, followers and fellow hockey junkies.  The site has undergone a change.  A massive expansion, in fact.  It came only after much thought and debate.  The expansion and growth is going to work on family education on the directions players and parents need to consider.  This is a big issue that makes for many long and unsettling times for 2/3 of those seeking advancement to jr hockey and those every year in all ranks.  I will not make anyone sleep more easily, but I am working basic commonsense tool that for self evaluation.  I have found in my own ADD DYSLEXIC life that tools help, as they help with everything!  Just as personal safety starts with awareness and ends with preparedness,  I figure a developmental tool can do the same.  Make a family and player aware of his/her ability and help them prepare for the most likely plan.  Hopefully for some it saves thousands of dollars. 
The expansion has really limitless bounds, I want to write and share thoughts across the board, from major Jr to AA 14U.  Just talk hockey, and share what is being seen.  I will write about top some top prospects, and some who have the potential.  I will talk about rule changes that as I see it need to be changed (ie automatic offside in youth travel hockey, where there is NO NEED to have this rule, it hurts the game and hinders development), and what is working...such as the new modified checking rule, which has allowed kids at all levels to hit, hit hard, hit smart and actually increased physical play. 

I hope everyone is having a great spring.   Stay tuned....

Friday, March 14, 2014

Ohio High School Hockey Final-World's First Ever Male Couple


Well Hockey Fans, I made the reference and have it heard it a few
times.  Now with a site patron sending me this link, it was really
fitting, and a must add.  The satire of the whole thing is much.  The High lights from the state game,
"everyone's a winner" .

The more I think about it, and learn, the
more clear it is that NO ONE was in any more danger than that of
regulation game.  This is just more OHSAA being disrespectful of Hockey
and the Ohio Players, more to the mountian of evidence that the OHSAA has failed as Ohio Hockey's Governing body, that they have not kept pace with game, have no understanding what so ever of the game, have no desire to change and modernize, and have NO PLACE governing Ohio High School Hockey.  I can not encourage enough the players, coaches, students, alumni, fan, and parents to write and demand change, To Vote NO on any school Levy ( which by the way were in 1996 ruled Unconstitutional- as Personal Property Tax was found to be unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court September 10th1996 finding in the DeRolph Vs State case...yet they strong arm force us to pay, because they fail to adhere to sound budget practices, that put education of mind and body first, and ignore the LAW).  Speak, speak loudly, speak with your voice and your DOLLARS.

What a totally fucked up ending, how totally unfair to players and fans.  There were far better options available, than to lie about player safety that was no more dangerous than regular play. Which leads me to believe that next year the state will have players wearing body condoms, air bags and not allowing checking in the name of player safety.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Changes needed to Ohio HIGH SCHOOL HOCKEY

1.  Adopt USA hockey rules
2. Add Icing Rule- where by the team who has iced the puck, is NOT permitted a line change.
3. 4 divisions of Varsity(2) and JV(2),  each with  State Titles.
4.  Abandoning any arena that is designated as holding more than 8,000 fans.
5. The Ohio Red Division should consist of the following teams: Extending the invitation to fully accept Bedford High School to participate in and Compete for OHIO state titles, further invite Culver Varsity as a full member.
Toledo st Johns, Bowling Green, Findlay, Sylvania Northview, Toledo St Francis, St. Ignatius, Gilmour, St. Eds, U.S, Holy Name, Lake Catholic, Padua, Walsh, Rocky River, Shaker heights, Hudson, Mentor, Brecksville, Strongsville, Olentangy Orange, Dublin Jerome, Olentangy Liberty, Dublin Coffman, Cininnati Moeller..
That is a 24-26 team League, with 4 districts
1. NW OHIO- Toledo St. John, St. Francis, Sylvania Northview, Findlay ( bedford, Culver)
2. SE Ohio- Shaker Heights, Rocky River, Hudson, mentor, Brecksville, Strongsville
3. E Ohio- St Ignatius, Gilmour, St Eds, U.S, Holy Name, Lake Catholic, Padua, Walsh
4. SW Ohio-  Olentangy Orange, Dublin jerome, Olentangy Liberty, Dublin Coffman, Cininati moeller.

District play off format
1. Teams regular season conference teams placed 1-4 qualify for district play
2. Regular season #1 team is regular season champion and district host and is responsible for providing all workers for district playoffs
3. Teams placed 2-4 will be sent ONE EACH, to each of the 3 districts that are not their home district for the playoffs.
4. District playoffs will be round robin.  Each team will play each of the other three teams.  Scoring will be game total score.(no points awarded by period)  Should a tie be resultant out come from 3 periods of play, no over time will ensue.  Tie Breakers to determine the two team for district championship will be Head to head tourney play, TOTAL goals for, TOTALgoals against.  If a tie still exists a 25 min mini game will be played between the tied teams, if still tied after 25 min, a shootout.
5. District Champions advance to round robin play, to each other.  Top two teams advance to a best of 3 series.  A coin flip will ensue.  Winner gets to pick to host first game or second.  Team that hosts second game will also host (3) game if needed.  the second game will be play at 11 am.  3 rd game after 6pm the same day as second game.  Tie at end of regulation, leads to 15 min OT.  Max 3 OT followed by shoot out.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

CO....Finalsit? No Champion Crowned Ohio State High School Hockey Final

Congratulations  to both clubs for that effort.  They will now forever be locked in an eternal battle as no victor scored the final goal.

There are a lot of things running about in my head.  I have to believe there are in yours and the youngmen who just played as well.  A decision of this magnitude is not easy, nor can it be construed as such.  In that regard,  Pat O'Rourke, Mike Jones and the OHSAA elected to end the game for safety of the boys,  I applaud them.  That makes this an easy decision.  These are 15-18 year olds, playing High School hockey.  Not professionals, not college athletes, not high end Jr's players.  There really is not enough at steak here, to even reasonably jeopardize child safety. 

Now, considering how bastardized the sport is regulated, by a completely hockey illiterate governing body, this is EXACTLY WHAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT.  This is the brain trust, who after years of pointing out that Hockey is not football or basketball, still defies logic and it is the state who puts an Ottawa Hills team on the same ice as Bowling Green, and we see a 20-0 final, because in the states eyes, Ottawa Hills is at the same level.  We can all be glad 3-4 Ottawa hills did not end up in the hospital.  That statement goes for the entirety of the first round of district play.  I further say, that when those players get injured, or god forbid injured for life.  The state will need to be held LIABLE as this is their doing, and they have been warned.   Further, this kind of ending can be prevented and should be prevented if reasonable changes are made to the grossly flawed system in place are you tired of the VOID...Nation Wide Arena, and their cattle herding, rude, and incompetent staff?  SUre hope so.  That alone is reason enough for the High Schools to abandon the unsafe OHSAA as the hockey governing body, and if need be create their own, and play as independent clubs.  The playoff format should be....
Top four team from league regular season play. 
#1 team becomes HOST and stays home.  2, 3,and 4 are sent via RANDOM draw to each of the other districts (one team from each) and they play a round robin where two best team play for district title.
Those CHAMPIONS advance to states.  Where that game is held in a PROPERLY sized arena.  BGSU, Hobart, etc...
another round robin to determing the top two.
the top two play.  if tied each ot is 15 min.  if after tied after 5 tie breaker 1 is total goals for in last three games.
or better yet.  the final two teams play the following week in a best of 3.  HOme and home.  third game if needed home determined by coin toss.  I like that.

I would hope that two schools, now forever locked in the game eternal, use a unique ring, to signify that eternal game.   it was an epic game.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The sound you just heard

was the axe loping off Coach Hayes head, as the Blades of Glory, Northview Wildcats are 3 peating as District champions.  This year from 4th place in the Sylvania District.

Your State Finals Teams are
Lake Catholic
St. Ignatius
St. Charles
Sylvania Northview

congratulations to all for a GREAT SEASON!

OHio and the trip to the worst HS venue EVER Nation WIde..AKA The VOID

I called for a IGGY Holy Name district final.  I choose Holy Name, and was WRONGO.  Iggy advanced
St Charles won and called St Charles all year
lake won, and with all but a brief time of doubt have backed Lake all year.

Titans and Northview are battling as I type.

Ive called Titans all year, and said its Hayes head if he cant do this year. and Im still pulling for the titans...we will know soon but it is 4-2 Sylvania late int he third!  The axe of the executioner is HIGH above HAYES exposed neck!