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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Eastern Hockey League regular season ends

with the New Hampshire Jr Monarchs earning the regular season title.  A final record of 35 W 8L 1 T.  The Monarchs the #1 seed in the EHL play offs and will play the winner of the Play In Game between the New Jersey Titans and Washington Nationals.  Drew Crandal is a member of the Washington Nationals and finished sixth in team pts.
The Philadelphia Little Flyers of the EHL south division 28W 11L 2T 3OTL are the number 2 seed in the first round of the playoffs.  The Little Flyers defeated the Monarchs twice in league play this season.  The Little Flyers found success on the tape of Zach Felser, 2012 Sylvania Northview Graduate and HS state champion, who put up 62 pts this season coming on 42 Assist and 19 goals, which had him finish 4th in the EHL scoring.  The Little Flyers had scoring from every where this year.  Case and point, 5 players were over 30pts, 5 players over 20pts, Former BCHL Salmon Arm FWD Cam Berry appeared in 9 games with the Little Flyers, earning 23 pts.  Centermen Austin Kelly Toledo St. Johns Graduate put up 23 pts this year as well.  Former Ohio standout Jude Warner 38pts.  Waterford MI Native 95' Jess MacIntyre 48pts.  Back Stoping the Little Flyers was Phenomal Alec Dirks 96' 1869 min, .922 sv % and 2.38 GAA
The Little Flyers play Walpole Express in a best of 3 series that starts this Friday night at 8pm.
Head Coach Rocky Russo is proud of his team, and excited about the playoffs.

Kent finalized tonight

The politically correct Ohio HS Everyone's a winner bracket gets set tonight.  University School is in, and will play the winner of Walsh Vs Lake Catholic.
Brooklyn is down to St. Ignatius Vs Rocky River, in the no way in hell does Rocky River win bracket  VS the winner of Holy Name Vs St Ed's.  Holy Name should be playing Ignatius in this final on 3-1-14
Olentangy Orange Vs St. Charles down in Cbus.  Still liking the Cardinals in this one.

In Sylvania we had an upset where 4th place Sylvania Northview upset the Bowling Green Bobcats 3-0.  This was clearly a case of Bowling Greens youth catching up to them.  Bundles of nerves as they faced down a team of district veterans, with a strong culture of success in years past, who won a game that matters.  They now face district finals foe's the Titans.  Titans who seem to play to not loose in big games, big games that always seem to be an historic problem for Mike Hayes.  To coach Hayes and the Titans I say, play opposite.  When you say play controlled, actually play wide open, unleash this beast of team thats been holding back all year. .....I say Northview's zombie cats have a blood lust, dare I say your feature presentation will be a remake of the classic, DAWN OF THE DEAD- Zombie Cats in OT
maybe a titans mercy
if the same NASCAR style rules and provisional's apply, that anointed the 4th places Cats the second seed, they may start the game with a 3-0 lead and the Titans two men in the box.  OHHHHHH io HS hockey and its wacky rules. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

USA Hockey High School Nationals 2014 March 26-30

Ralston Arena, Nebraska Omaha is home of the USA Hockey, High School Varsity Nationals.  In 2013 Santa Margarita Ca HS won the whole show.  Beating Regis Jesuit, CO. 4-3 in OT.  Regis Jesuit was the defending 2012 National Champions.  MEDIAN represent OHIO last year, Loosing to Plano TX 3-2, victory 7=6 over Cypress FL, and Victory over Regis Jesuit 3-1.  Tied in the standings with Regis Jesuit they lost the tie breaker, where Regis had 16 goals for and just 7 goals against to Medina's 12 and 10. 
It would be interesting to see one of Ohio's top teams attack this National stage.  Better yet would be to have the state ditch the gay as hell federation rules and just adopt USA hockey, and award a trip to Nationals to the State Champions, in the first place.

Friday, February 21, 2014

So tired of over priced beer league hockey

The use of pros, in the Olympics needs to end.  These guys play with no heart.  How do we know?  The absent schedule leading up to the games, the zero commitment by these guys when it comes to representing their Nation.  If they had a heart, and an ounce of respect, they would be willing to play 30-50 games schedule leading in to the games. 
No I do not care if other Nations elect to play their pros.  Ours are candy assed, paycheck players.  Give us back the boys, boys with heart and soul, a real desire to win, and passion for the game.
Id rather the USA u20 world jr team loos 5-1 to Canada's pros, than see this shit show.  A shit show with 1/82 the intensity of an NHL preseason game.
Instead of the Olympics, they should call the 4 year yawn fest.

The Final Count Down, a blast from 30 years ago.

Two Quarter finals are played tonight at Kent State.  U.S vs Kent Rosevlet, will be a blow out for U.S, in one of those games the state in their infinite wisdom, has top teams playing total dusters, in a waste of time, money and player development.  The other game holds upset potential, but slim.  Gilmour vs Hudson.  Hudson should not be able to win this game, but it will be close 4-2

St. Eds is waiting patiently for Holy Name the grand inquisitors to torture Avon, who will likely cry for mercy.  Rocky River is still waiting for their Dominatrix St. Ignatius to dismember Lakewood. 

Tonight Toledo St Johns and their 106 goals for, 55 goals against play Toledo St. Francis 72 goals for and 56 goals against.  This the first Semifinal in Sylvania starts at 7pm.   A St Francis win would make for the first upset of the playoffs.  The keys to a St Francis win are to hang around the whole game.  Clog up St Johns offense and attack in the lanes as they open up, capitalizing on mistakes and keep the pace slow.  St. Johns on the other hand needs to role their lines, drive up the pace, finish every hit, punishing St. Francis few offensive threats when ever they have the puck.  St. Francis can not play 3 periods with Toledo St. Johns, when the Titans play their game.  I see the Titans looking to make a play off statement against their rivals.  7-3 final St Johns

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

UPSET anyone? its that time where it normally will happen.

First potential upsets are in place.  Feeling the sting of having been swept by BGHS for the first time in a while, the Trojans are out looking, as they do every year, to make some playoff noise.  I awoke this morning with that thought in my head and it keeps circling back around and around.  Tonight at 6pm at TamOshanter, I believe Findlay will upset the Knights of St. Francis.  No good reason other than historically some one always gets upset, and Findlay is always strongest in these games.

The only other truly upset game, has yet to be arranged and that would be Liberty over St. Charles in Columbus.

In WCHA hockey the Bowling Green Falcons look to be in a death spiral.  A tie and a humiliating loss to Alaska, is now being followed what should be even more humiliation at the hands of Team USA 18U, in a game that does not count in the season.  The real story here are the  four games that follow (2 at Northern, 2 home vs Bemidji)  loosing here will see the Falcons fall to 9th place RAPIDLY from 5th and be out of ALL post season play.  The WCHA is exceptional tight this year, with Alabama not winning anything.  Leaving a 7 team log jam from 3rd place down, where  all teams are with in two wins of each other. While the WCHA is arguably the weakest NCAA D1 conference, it is currently about the most exciting overall, heading in to the close. The best team in the WCHA is Ferris State is ranked 6th in the nation, with no other WCHA teams receiving votes.
In overall college hockey action, Dalton Carter and the U Mass Lowell River Hawks remain in 7th place this week.  Mychal Montith and Merchurst remain in First Place in the Atlantic Conference.

In EHL news, the  Philadelphia Little Flyers won their division and are closing in on 2nd overall  heading in to the play offs.  Lots of Ohio talent on this Little Flyers team, and head Coach Rocky Russo is pushing them every step of the way.  Zach Felser remains in 4th place in scoring with 17 goals and 39 assits for 56pts.  What is exciting here is that it is not a one man show.  the Flyers have scoring every where you look

15 Felser, Zach   F 41 17 39 56 41 3 14 1 1 2
10 MacIntyre, Jesse   RW 39 24 19 43 20 6 7 1 0 3
12 Warner, Jude   LW 39 14 21 35 76 2 7 2 0 4
22 Gannon, Drew   F 24 15 15 30 24 6 2 0 1 2
28 Potemkin, Oleg   LW 32 12 17 29 45 5 4 0 0 1
9 Majul, Hector   RW 29 16 10 26 27 5 2 0 0 3
27 Chuckran, Gabe   D 37 3 20 23 8 1 8 0 0 0
7 Grahl, Troy   D 32 5 15 20 40 2 7 0 0 1
14 Kelly, Austin   C 39 9 10 19 10 3 3 0 0 2
26 Day, Matt   D 36 2 15 17 22 0 5 0 1 0
17 Berry, Cameron   F 9 8 7 15 2 2 1 0 1 1
3 Browning, Beau   D 35 1 10 11 37 0 1 0 1 1
16 Gielarowski, Stephen   C 20 3 7 10 12 0 1 0 0 1
21 Woods, Colin   C 41 6 2 8 29 0 0 0 1 0
19 Racicot, Andrew   LW 34 1 6 7 32 0 0 0 0 0
5 Gallagher, Garrett   D 32 2 4 6 38 1 2 1 0 0
25 Pierce, Cole   D 10 0 6 6 6 0 2 0 0 0
24 Rigsby, Chase   RW 29 2 2 4 39 0 0 0 0 1
23 Lukenda, Carter   F 6 1 3 4 16 0 0 0 0 0
18 Nugent, John   F 4 1 2 3 14 0 0 0 0 1
11 Bandura, Austin   RW 25 0 2 2 10 0 0 0 0 0

The Flyers have 3 season games remaining.  Then enter the EHL playoffs.  Open Tryouts for the Little Flyers have been announced, April 11th-13th.  Check in at the ICE WORKS Aston PA, 4pm Friday the 11th.  Preregistration  IS required and that application can be found here Little Flyers Tryout aplication

In the NAHL, Nolan Culver and the Minnesota Wilderness advanced to 28W13L 6OTL for 62pts and are solid 3rd in the NAHL rankings.  Culver has 3 goals 8 assist and 41 PIM.  he has really identified himself as PK specialist,  helping the Wilderness maintain their #1 ranked PK at 93.82% this season.  Having shut down 178 Power play attempts.  The Wilderness are closing out their season with 12 more regular season games to play, before entering the post season.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Titans lead the Valentines day Massacre

The St. Valentines Day Massacre.
Toledo St. Johns slayed the Knights of St. Francis 7-1.  It maybe coach Hayes has opted to go all in and unlease his hell hounds now, so that wins just come big and loud.  This would be a good strategy.
Bowling Green Won over Ottawa Hills 24-0 in two periods.  Isnt the states format just BRILLIANT.  clearly schools like Ottawa Hills are playing at the same level.  The states rules on championships clearly apply to hockey, which has so few teams, and does not mandate having two championship.  That logic is as well founded as posting a building or making public Schools "Gun free zones"  that has worked out fantastically.....NOT!  Same stupid people, same retard logic.

U.S beat Canton 10-0 and Kent beat Twinsburg 9-0.  Rocky River scored 8  on Olemstead Falls.  Lake Wood beat Grafton 5-4. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Ranking the NAHL, Top ten

1. Alaska Fairbanks- midwest
2. Amarillo Bulls- south
3. Topkea-South
4.Bismark- Central
5. Austin- Central
6. Minnesota Wilderness- Midwest
7. Porthuron- North
8.Michigan- North
9. Coulee Region- Midwest
10. Rio Grand- South

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Ohio Poll, or more state troll

RANK  TEAM                               W  L  T   >4   Gm Perf Sched  Total  Last5
1,Toledo Saint Johns,OH,______________   18  6  5,  4   1.2,   8.8,  10.03,  9.19 
  2,Saint Ignatius,OH,__________________ 20  6  3,  3   1.4,   8.4,   9.75,  9.81 
  3,Lake Catholic,OH,___________________ 22  7  4,  4   1.1,   8.0,   9.05,  8.22 
  4,Saint Charles,OH,___________________ 29  2  2,  5   2.2,   6.8,   9.05,  8.99 
  5,University School,OH,_______________ 24  5  5,  0   1.2,   7.7,   8.92,  9.65 
  6,Walsh Jesuit,OH,____________________ 15 13  4,  0   0.3,   8.1,   8.45,  8.75 
  7,Holy Name,OH,_______________________ 13  8  5,  0   0.6,   7.7,   8.24,  6.89 
  8,Saint Edward,OH,____________________ 12 14  0,  0   0.1,   8.1,   8.16,  7.65 
  9,Bowling Green,OH,___________________ 16  6  0,  1   1.2,   6.9,   8.13,  8.63 
 10,Toledo Saint Francis,OH,____________ 11  9  1,  0   0.0,   7.9,   7.95,  8.90 
coaches poll....first place votes are () 

1. St. Ignatius - Total Points: 99, (9)
2. Toledo St. John's - Total Points: 89, (1)
3. University School - Total Points: 71
4. Shaker Heights - Total Points: 62  
5. Sylvania Northview - Total Points: 57   
6. St. Edward - Total Points: 44
7. Walsh Jesuit - Total Points: 38
8. Olentangy Liberty - Total Points: 23
9. Holy Name - Total Points: 21
10. Gilmour Academy - Total Points: 14

Scouting ohio high schools hockey final rankings

Final State Rankings for the 2013-2014 season.
1. Toledo St. Johns
2. St. Ignatius (+2)
3. Bowling Green (+1)
4. Walsh (-1)
5. U.S. (-3)
6.  St. Charles (+1)
7. Toledo St. Francis (-1)
8. Lake Catholic
9. Holy Name
10 Olentangy Orange 
Now if the state had an honest, competive based play off system.  Not this politically correct bullshit one where each district qualify for the semifinals.  But instead captured the top 4 teams from each districts regular season.  Where the regular season champion remained home, to host ONE team from each of the other districts remaining 2-4 teams.  A draw like that for this year could look like this... Win 2pts, tie 1 pt, loss 0 pts.  Tie Breaker Total goals For, second Goals against average, lowest PIM, if still tied a 15 min mini game will be played, and OT will will follow until a winner is determined.

I say let the boys play?  What is the state afraid of?  This is absolutely fair.  Does not lengthen the season.  Increases over all competitiveness, and makes the championship, a real championship.  Division could even hold a play off or play in game for the their 4th seat.  regardless this gets the best teams in the state playing each other.  This gets the best teams in the State playing in the Semi finals.  this gets the best two teams in teh state playing in the finals.
What is the OHSAA afraid of, in crowning a real champion? 
Sylvania Bracket
1. Toledo St. Johns
2. HOly name
3. Dublin Jerome
4. Shaker heights
 1. Rocky River
2. Bowling Green
3. Olentangy Liberty
4.  St. Ignatius
Great Lakes Hockey Confernce
2. Sylvania Northview 
3. Olentangy Orange
4. Hudson
1. St Charles
2. U.S
3. Toledo St. Francis
4. Mentor

meet the monster -the St. Johns Titans

Five Finger Death Punch - "Lift Me Up" Likely the Bowling Green Bobcat Theem

Now the Bobcats need to see if they can "get-her done"

Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Action across Ohio, Final State Rankings for 2013-2014.


The Bowling Green Bobcats traveled south to Findlay Ohio, and downed the Trojans 4-2.  The Bobcats came off of that sweep, and faced off then at Tamoshanter.  Playing against the Sylvania Northview Wildcats.   It was a cat fight.  A very different game than their last meeting, which was one of the most physical games all year.  This match was like watching chess or boxers feel each other out with calculated moves, and planing for combinations, always fearful of opening up and exposing themselves.  At the end with Sylvania's goalie Marsh off the ice, for the extra attacker, the wildcats nearly tied it.  But the win, and the season sweep went to the now NHC first place Bobcats.  This trip first is likely temporary, as the Titans have two games remaining.  Where by if, both Findlay and the Knights defeat the Titans, BG and St. Francis are tied for first.   Again unlikely, but always possible.  What is likely is that St. Johns advances to 13 points and holds first, a head of Bowling Green in 2nd with with, 10 followed by the Knights at 8.  Which brings me to this, if the NHC  was operating to ensure the best interest of hockey players, teams and families.  He would ensure all league play was completed before the seeding draw.  Its really not difficult to accomplish this, and ensure the teams that earned it,  get their 1st round byes and proper credit, where credit is due.  This is not NASCAR, and if it were BOwling Green would still have more past Champions points than Northview.  Far easier to move the regular season games, so that they end in mid January, with team having further out of conference schedules in late January and February.  As with most things in screw logic, and common sense right?  Turn up the crazy.

Ignatius WIN

St. Ignatius took care of their business, and showed what a winning culture can do.  Beating a hard surging Walsh team by the score of 3-2.  St. Ignatius went on to Sunday, to then beat U.S. 4-2 in a commanding victory.  The St. Ignatius Wildcats are primed, pumped and historically prepaired to battle for a state title

Holy Name collapsed dead of heart attack in front of Padua.  Who skated in and out and around the dead bodies to win 5-2 in the most embarassing game of the weekend.

Lake Catholic is still searching for that early stride, but has a dull edge and the OT losses keep piling up loosing to U.S 3-2.

Capital Conference
St. Charles wins the Blue Jacket Cup
Olentangy Liberty lost a heavily out shot 1-0 thriller to Dublin Jerome, on Friday.  St Charles downed Olentangy Orange 3-2.  Then the Cardinals went on to beat Dublin Jerome 2-1.  St. Charles is and has been rolling all season.  They are charging into a State Title run.  St. Charles will likely face Olentangy Liberty on Feb 23.  Liberty is not built to win a high scoring game, but with Cam Perry in net, Liberty may only need to net one goal, to launch themselves to the Columbus District finals, in the top bracket.  Orange and Jerome are left to slug it out in the lower bracket.  Where I fully anticipate Orange to take the day.  Still fully expecting St. Charles to make state semi from here. 

Final State Rankings for the 2013-2014 season.
1. Toledo St. Johns
2. St. Ignatius (+2)
3. Bowling Green (+1)
4. Walsh (-1)
5. U.S. (-3)
6.  St. Charles (+1)
7. Toledo St. Francis (-1)
8. Lake Catholic
9. Holy Name
10 Olentangy Orange

Friday, February 7, 2014

200 trades or out right drops of JR hockey players over the last two days

ITs that time of year when the trade deadline hits in JR hockey and this year is proving no different than those of seasons past.  200 trades, adds, or out rights drops as team make final cuts and adjustments for the play offs.  We will be diving into all the jr playoffs as those approach.  some Leagues have 5 games to play, others 15 which is a big spread.


Love that word.  When people say you are living up to your potential, or exceeding your potential.  Hate that word, when people say you are not living up to your potential.

What we have this weekend, is a lot of POTENTIAL.

Bowling Green Travels to Findlay tonight for another heated battle.  The Bobcats eked out past the Trojans three days ago, and are looking to win on the road, in a hostile environment.  The Bobcats are road warriors for the rest of the season, including play off play, which excludes the BGSU ice arena. A win over Findlay tonight moves the Bobcats to 4-3-0 on the season and tied with St. Francis for second place in the league. 

Bowling Green travels to Sylvania on Saturday night to take on the Wildcats.  Oh yes its a a cat fight folks, but leave the chicks at home!  The boys will be battling, hard and furiously.   Sylvania brought the body, and their foot on the floor in Bowling Green.  But the Bobcats dispatched them.  Took every hit, and delt out their and found the twine more to win.   This is a game of more than that.  This about the Wildcats clinging to position mid pack and about BG establishing their resurgence.  Should the Bobcats win on the road, at a hostile Tamoshanter, it would be the first time in a decade that BGHS has swept the Wildcats in Regular season play.  A Bobcat win takes the Bobcats to First place in league standings with a 5-3 record and 10 pts.  Where if St. Francis were down the Titians in their final game on Valentines Day ( The St. Valentines day massacre a great movie!)  and if Findlay beat St. Johns the final standing for the NHC would look like this
1.  Bowling Green  10 pts
1. St Francis        10 pts
3. St. Johns      9 pts
4. Findlay        8pts
5. Northview 6pts
where BG and St. Francis would like come to GF Ga as a play off makes to much fun sense!  Which would also take us to the seeding for the NHC where the 3rd place team and last both had first round byes.....Point being  " Fellas in charge.  Seeding a tourney is not that hard.  Play all the damn games first.  Should you be locked in with this hard point all the fucking league games before then.  Its really not rocket science."
But we are really looking at
1. Toledo St. Johns  13 Pts
2. Bowling Green 10
3. St Francis 8
4. NV   6
5. Findlay 3

Now for the NV faithful.  Its very possible to win Saturday.  BG is not unbeatable.  The physical game plan was effective, and darn near paid off.  To win youve got birng it again, get a few more pucks to the net.  That happens the Wildcats fall from grace halts at 2nd...a 3 way tie for second cool is that!  The tie breakers I am sure if you use a raw goals for goes NV's way, so 2nd is a lock.  if you use game differentials and get creative there is no telling.  I personally would like to see a round robin. one game each, total goals.  lets see how crazy, it gets.
 IT was 2003 when Bowling Green earned the #1 seed over #2 Sylvania Northview.  BG went to states and lost to St. Edward 5-3 in the semi finals and U.S went on to victory that year.  It has been a decade for the Bobcats.  Is this the year?
Id expect to see lots of fans, loud supportive fans at each venue moving forward!


The Quick of it.  Jumping right to the district quarter finals.

ST Charles vs Olentangy Liberty.  I believe Liberty can win this game, and if they do Id guess they battle Orange, but I still feel St. Charles will take the day.

District Final St.Charles  Olentangy Orange.
a heated battle, but it would go to St. Charles.  I am picking St. Charles.

Cleveland Bracketology, Holy Name & Lake

Decipher the code!

Decipher the code!
The Kent and Brooklyn Brackets are out today as well, and not anything like the Johan Sylvania bracket thank god.
With out too much drival, this is clear cut a Holy Name Vs Ignatius final.  The only way those two teams do not make this District final is if they beat themselves and look past an opponent, as the other teams really honestly do not match up.  Rockey River should walk to the semi, where Ignatius will slam the door in their faces.  Holy Names Hurdle could be St Eds, but Im thinking Parma makes the semi's.  Any way the best two teams in this bracket are Holy Name and St. Ignatius, they are #1 and #2 for a reason.  the won the games and earned it.  I am going with Holy Name in ot to make States.
Now Kent is far more exciting!If Kent were Sylvania, Gilmour would have a bye to final, lol.  But they were not having a cup of Johan here either.  So what we have here are several players.  Walsh as the top team who will face lake Catholic in the district quarter finals on the bottom half.  The upper will see Gilmour and U.S in the quarters.   I like this and here is why.  Gimour and U.S just plain hate each other.  Im going with US to the district finals.
 Lake Catholic and Walsh  wow.  I am going to presume that Lake Catholic gets back on track and we will know of that is the case or not tomorrow night.  Facts are Lake and Walsh tied at 3 mid season and Walsh won the last contest 4-3 in OT a week ago.  I am going with Lake.   I like these kids, they battle hard and to win and its their time.
Lake vs US final.  Lake beat US early in teh season 6-0.   It would not be route by any stretch as U.S is playing their best hockey right now, and its hard to not give them the nod, but Im going with Lake as I have all year!

Sylvania bracket...a game of wheres Johan? was played

The Sylvania OHSSA bracket was derived lastnight.
 Toledo St Johns obviously earned the top spot, but what is bewildering is how 4th place, of the 5 team red division teams earned a bye???  In what is the most bizarre and poorly sheparded after thought sport in Ohio. Things are only getting weirder.  I think the bacteriologist were all enjoying a cup of Johan, at that meeting...or Bogarting a big fatty.

So with 4th place Sylvania Northview, earning what every 4th place tournament team does...a first round Bye  ( I wonder why Southview or Perrysburg did not earn first round byes, they have been winning games?)  Oh well.

The first round has
2/13/2014 games of
Sylvania Southview vs Toledo Whitmer 18:00hrs

Toeldo St Francis (2)vs Springfield  20:00hrs

Findlay (5)vs Freemont 18:00hrs

Bowling Green(3) Vs Ottawa Hills  20:00hrs

Maumee Vs Perrysburg 18:30 hrs

Clay Vs White House  20:30

Safe to assume the second round will see, under these brilliant bracket...

Southview vs Toledo St. johns(1) 20:00hrs

2/18/2014 18:00
Toledo St. Francis (2) vs Findlay (5)

2/18/2014 20:00
Bowling Green(3) Vs Perrysburg

Johan -syl (4)Vs Anthony Wayne

2/21/2014 19:00
Toledo St. Johns vs St. Francis

2/22/2014 1930
Bowling Green (3) vs Johan-Syl

District Final
3/1/2014 19:00
Toledo St Johns Vs Bowling Green

So you want to play college hockey? More understanding

A big focus of this website is helping people learn what the great mystics know.  Revealing the "secrets" on how to get there.  So far we have said some keys repeatedly.  Those being
1. Its not the name of the league that will get you there, so much as being successful with in a league. Example.  Being a healthy scratch in the NAHL did not help Dalton Carter, so much as being in every game, and being highly effective in the EHL did in reaching U Mass Lowell mid season this year.
2. It is important to play where there is a history of NCAA schools watching a league.  Playing in a league your last year of eligibilty, where players are noted for moving on to other JR leagues is not where you want or need to be.  You need to play where schools will see you, and historically go to see you.
3.  School.  You have got be a successful student.  The more sucessful you are from grade 9 to 12 the more doors you open.  Eligibility is determined by the NCAA ELIGIBILITY CENTER
 The image of the two charts below illustrates the NCAA SLIDING SCALE.  THis is the TOOL used to determine your initial eligibility.   It is a correlation of your GPA (A=4, B=3,C=2 D=1)  and your test scores.  ACT  = Sum of all sections scores,  SAT = sum of best math and best english scores, which gives a clear advantage to taking the SAT, and taking it more than once.  It is imperative that students meet with school counselors entering grade 9 to be guided on the path to reaching the core courses. Also note the chart being used for 2016 and beyond, and check you meet those standards if you are graduation in 2016.The USA is very different from Canada, where only grades from grade 12 are used eligibility.
Core GPA SAT ACT 3.550 and above 400 37 3.525 410 38 3.500 420 39 3.475 430 40 3.450 440 41 3.425 450 41 3.400 460 42 3.375 470 42 3.350 480 43 3.325 490 44 3.300 500 44 3.275 510 45 3.250 520 46 3.225 530 46 3.200 540 47 3.175 550 47 3.150 560 48 3.125 570 49 3.100 580 49 3.075 590 50 3.050 600 50 3.025 610 51 3.000 620 52 2.975 630 52 2.950 640 53 2.925 650 53 2.900 660 54 2.875 670 55 2.850 680 56 2.825 690 56 2.800 700 57 2.775 710 58 2.750 720 59 2.725 730 59 2.700 730 60 2.675 740-750 61 2.650 760 62 2.625 770 63 2.600 780 64 2.575 790 65 2.550 800 66 2.525 810 67 2.500 820 68 2.475 830 69 2.450 840-850 70 2.425 860 70 2.400 860 71 2.375 870 72 2.350 880 73 2.325 890 74 2.300 900 75 2.275 910 76 2.250 920 77 2.200 940 79 2.175 950 80 2.150 960 80 2.125 960 81 2.100 970 82 2.075 980 83 2.050 990 84 2.025 1000 85 2.000 1010 86 - See more at:
Core GPA SAT ACT 3.550 and above 400 37 3.525 410 38 3.500 420 39 3.475 430 40 3.450 440 41 3.425 450 41 3.400 460 42 3.375 470 42 3.350 480 43 3.325 490 44 3.300 500 44 3.275 510 45 3.250 520 46 3.225 530 46 3.200 540 47 3.175 550 47 3.150 560 48 3.125 570 49 3.100 580 49 3.075 590 50 3.050 600 50 3.025 610 51 3.000 620 52 2.975 630 52 2.950 640 53 2.925 650 53 2.900 660 54 2.875 670 55 2.850 680 56 2.825 690 56 2.800 700 57 2.775 710 58 2.750 720 59 2.725 730 59 2.700 730 60 2.675 740-750 61 2.650 760 62 2.625 770 63 2.600 780 64 2.575 790 65 2.550 800 66 2.525 810 67 2.500 820 68 2.475 830 69 2.450 840-850 70 2.425 860 70 2.400 860 71 2.375 870 72 2.350 880 73 2.325 890 74 2.300 900 75 2.275 910 76 2.250 920 77 2.200 940 79 2.175 950 80 2.150 960 80 2.125 960 81 2.100 970 82 2.075 980 83 2.050 990 84 2.025 1000 85 2.000 1010 86 - See more at:

Core GPA SAT ACT 3.550 and above 400 37 3.525 410 38 3.500 420 39 3.475 430 40 3.450 440 41 3.425 450 41 3.400 460 42 3.375 470 42 3.350 480 43 3.325 490 44 3.300 500 44 3.275 510 45 3.250 520 46 3.225 530 46 3.200 540 47 3.175 550 47 3.150 560 48 3.125 570 49 3.100 580 49 3.075 590 50 3.050 600 50 3.025 610 51 3.000 620 52 2.975 630 52 2.950 640 53 2.925 650 53 2.900 660 54 2.875 670 55 2.850 680 56 2.825 690 56 2.800 700 57 2.775 710 58 2.750 720 59 2.725 730 59 2.700 730 60 2.675 740-750 61 2.650 760 62 2.625 770 63 2.600 780 64 2.575 790 65 2.550 800 66 2.525 810 67 2.500 820 68 2.475 830 69 2.450 840-850 70 2.425 860 70 2.400 860 71 2.375 870 72 2.350 880 73 2.325 890 74 2.300 900 75 2.275 910 76 2.250 920 77 2.200 940 79 2.175 950 80 2.150 960 80 2.125 960 81 2.100 970 82 2.075 980 83 2.050 990 84 2.025 1000 85 2.000 1010 86 - See more at:
      GPA                         SAT               ACT           2016     GPA    SAT                   ACT
Core GPA SAT ACT 3.550 and above 400 37 3.525 410 38 3.500 420 39 3.475 430 40 3.450 440 41 3.425 450 41 3.400 460 42 3.375 470 42 3.350 480 43 3.325 490 44 3.300 500 44 3.275 510 45 3.250 520 46 3.225 530 46 3.200 540 47 3.175 550 47 3.150 560 48 3.125 570 49 3.100 580 49 3.075 590 50 3.050 600 50 3.025 610 51 3.000 620 52 2.975 630 52 2.950 640 53 2.925 650 53 2.900 660 54 2.875 670 55 2.850 680 56 2.825 690 56 2.800 700 57 2.775 710 58 2.750 720 59 2.725 730 59 2.700 730 60 2.675 740-750 61 2.650 760 62 2.625 770 63 2.600 780 64 2.575 790 65 2.550 800 66 2.525 810 67 2.500 820 68 2.475 830 69 2.450 840-850 70 2.425 860 70 2.400 860 71 2.375 870 72 2.350 880 73 2.325 890 74 2.300 900 75 2.275 910 76 2.250 920 77 2.200 940 79 2.175 950 80 2.150 960 80 2.125 960 81 2.100 970 82 2.075 980 83 2.050 990 84 2.025 1000 85 2.000 1010 86 - See more at:

In broad strokes, in looking at overall averages, and I encourage you to do your own research, if you have a GPA of 2.0-2.5 ( NCAA CORE COURSES ONLY) and score over 20 composite ACT a state school is potentially attainable.  Before you get excited, remember that if as a player your ability is just as good and your projected development is the same a student with higher marks, you should expect the school will go with the better student as he is better for the teams overall GPA.  Colleges are places of higher learning and no school wants to make 100k- 400k investment in a player that fails out, or hurts academic standing.   That said if your the second coming of the great one your all right.  But look at how many doors you closed...  your average ECAC school, or IVY league, the most selective schools  GPA of 3.5 and ACT composite score 30 or SAT 2070 to even be considered, even though the sliding scale reads you basically spelled your name right on the test.   All others fall somewhere in-between.  The NCAA has 4 institution which are NCAA Division2 college schools.  Those schools are members of the North East Ten Hockey Conference:  Assumption, Frankline Pierce, Stone Hill,  and Southern New Hampshire.  Simon Frasier University of Canada applied for NCAA d2 membership in 2009, and after a two year Canadian period, were fully accepted as NCAA D2 program and the first none USA.  Simon Frasier has not yet applied for their mens and womens hockey teams to join any North American Conference, dispite what a power house they are on the Canadian Scene.  These D2 school use 14 core courses, for admissions.  These schools are limited to 13.5 mens hockey scholarships and 18 Womens.  They compete with and against NCAA d3 schools but are not allowed to play in post season for the NCAA championship.

Being one of the few of the to reach the ranks of NCAA D1 or D3 college hockey players means that you have excelled in the face of great challenge.  You are a leader and survivor of the most rigorous interview process in college sports. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Clevland Action and Walshes march on ward to Victory, Blue Jacket Cup, State Rankings

1. Toledo St. Johns
2. St. Ignatius
2. U.S (+2)

4.Walsh Jesuit
5. Bowling Green (+1)
6. Lake Catholic (-3)
7. St. Charles (+1)
8. Toledo St. Francis(-1)
9. Holy Name
10. Olentangy Orange

those were the latest rankings.  Monday in fact.

Here is what has happend.
Toledo St. Johns is still the number one team.  With Walsh Jesuits win yesterday over St. Edwards, there has been a shuffling atop this list.  As you know this likely going to happen considering Walsh is #1 in the GLHL standings, and have been steadly climbing here. 
The New rankings look like this

1. Toledo St. Johns
2. U.S  (+1)
3. Walsh Jesuit (+2)
4. Bowling Green (+1)
5. St Ignatius (-3)
6. Toledo St. Francis (+2)
7. St. Charles
8. Lake Catholic (-2)
9. Holy Name
10. Olentangy Orange

Holy Name and Lake Catholic play tonight.  Lake with a win will stop their slide but the parity between 8-9 is not enough to propell Lake up over 7th.  St. Ignatius plays Gilmour tonight.  Another loss for St. Ignatius opens the door for St. Francis and St. Charles to leap frog them, and St Charles to leap frog St. Francis by the smallest of margins.

The Blue Jacket Cup brackets are set
Round one
1 Orange vs 8 Waterson, Orange will take this game
4 Coffman vs 5 St Charles   St. Charles in a 5-3 contest
3 Liberty vs 6Upper Arlington  Liberty has strugled with scoring but will win this game on goaltending
2 Jerome Vs 7 DeSales   Jerome

Round Two looks to
1 orange vs 5 St Charles
3 liberty vs 2 Jerome

final St Charles Vs Jerome
St Charles

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tier 3 Jr Rankings

Strength of schedual and league are big factors in these rankings.  We are fortunate that there will be cross over play at nationals come the end of the year, but with the limited numbers of teams from each league its a snap shot.

1. New Jersey Hit-men- USPHL Premier
2. Boston Jr Bruins USPHL Premier
3. New Hampshire Jr Monarchs EHL
4. North Iowa bulls NA3HL
5. Islanders Hockey Club USPHL Premier
6. South Shore Kings USPHL Premier
7. Norther Cyclones EHL
8. Philadelphia Little Flyers EHL
9. Hellena Big Horns AWHL
10. Dells Ducks MnJHL
11. West Sound Warriors NORpAC
12.Philadelphia Flyers USPHL premier
13. Ct Oilers EHL
14 Suffolk Pal Islander USPHL Premier
15. Bellingham Blazers NORpAC

NCAA d1 comitments JAN 22- Feb 5

a few big JR stories on the horizon keep your eyes peeled!   Also wish former Ohio HS blue liners Matt Wurst Toledo St. Johns a speedy recovery as he suffered a knee injury and is out for the duration at Wisconsin River Falls.   Dalton Carter and the U Mass Lowell River Hawks Climbed to 7th in the National poll this week.  On the 7th the River Hawks travel to Boston Mass, to play the Boston University Terriers at Agganis arena.  The Terriers are ranked 10th (next to last) for the first time in ....forever.  the River Hawks are 3rd in Hockey East and are heavy favorites.  Saturday the 8th is the big day...if you receive NESN (new England sports Network) the River hawks game is live at 6pm.

Date       PLAYER                   SCHOOL                        CURRENT TEAM       START YEAR
02/05/14YON, Zach University of North DakotaRoseau HS (MN-HS)2015-16
02/05/14BUTCHER, AlecSacred Heart UniversityKenai River Brown Bears (NAHL)2014-15
02/04/14VANDERBECK, AndrewColorado CollegeColorado Rampage Minor Midget (T1Min)2016-17
02/04/14SIKURA, DylanNortheastern UniversityAurora Tigers (OJHL)2014-15
02/04/14POULSEN, Shane University of Nebraska-OmahaMerritt Centennials (BCHL)2015-16
02/04/14HUGHES, Cameron University of WisconsinSpruce Grove Saints (AJHL)2014-15
02/03/14PATTERSON, ScottLake Superior State Univ.Merritt Centennials (BCHL)2014-15
02/03/14SELLAR, ShaneDartmouth CollegeCanterbury PS (NEDI)2016-17
02/03/14BUTALA, Simon University of MaineLong Island Gulls U16N (AYHL16)2016-17
02/02/14SWEEZEY, BillyYale UniversityNoble and Greenough PS (NEDI)2015-16
02/02/14CONGER, BaileySt. Lawrence UniversityCushing Academy PS (NEDI)2016-17
02/01/14FILIPE, MattNortheastern UniversityMalden Catholic HS (MA-HS)2016-17
02/01/14PRIVITERA, Alexx University of VermontDubuque Fighting Saints (USHL)2014-15
02/01/14MUSIL, Jack University of MaineNew England Wolves U19 (AEHL)2014-15
01/31/14WEIDAUER, Christian University of Alaska-AnchoragePrince George Spruce Kings (BCHL)2014-15
01/31/14WOLL, JosephHarvard UniversitySt. Louis Blues Minor Midget (T1Min)2016-17
01/31/14RIDEOUT, Brian University of Nebraska-OmahaPowell River Kings (BCHL)2014-15
01/30/14PRIVITERA, Jarrid University of VermontDubuque Fighting Saints (USHL)2014-15
01/30/14GARIN, Will University of ConnecticutHoly Family Catholic HS (MN-HS)2016-17
01/30/14NAAS, Spencer University of ConnecticutBenilde-St. Margaret's HS (MN-HS)2014-15
01/30/14DONATO, RyanHarvard UniversityDexter PS (NEDI)2015-16
01/30/14WYSE, AnthonyDartmouth CollegeBoston Advantage Major Midget (T1Maj)2016-17
01/30/14REICHERT, JakobBowling Green UniversityLangley Rivermen (BCHL)2014-15
01/29/14ROCKWOOD, Adam University of WisconsinCoquitlam Express (BCHL)2014-15
01/29/14BURCHILL, MatthewU.S. Air Force AcademyBay State Breakers (USPHL)2016-17
01/29/14HIMLEY, JordanU.S. Air Force AcademyJanesville Jets (NAHL)2014-15
01/28/14WHELAN, AlexQuinnipiac UniversityNew Jersey Hitmen U16 (USP16)2016-17
01/28/14MARTIN, Luke University of MichiganSt. Louis Blues Minor Midget (T1Min)2016-17
01/28/14BURGGRABE, CamNorthern Michigan Univ.Culver Military Academy U16 (IN-HS)2016-17
01/28/14PAVELEK, DylanMichigan State UniversityUSA Under 18 Team (NTDP)2014-15
01/28/14ABRAMSON, OriBoston UniversityNew Jersey Hitmen (USPHL)2014-15
01/27/14GABRIELE, GrantWestern Michigan Univ.Detroit Victory Honda Major Midget (T1Maj)2016-17
01/27/14KEEFER, DavidMichigan State UniversityDetroit Honeybaked Minor Midget (HPMinM)2017-18
01/27/14MAKOWSKI, ChristopherMercyhurst UniversityPAL Junior Islanders (USPHL)2015-16
01/24/14CHERNYUK, Konstantin University of MaineWilkes Barre/Scranton Jr. Knights U16N (AYHL16)2017-18
01/24/14OUELLETTE, ErikHoly Cross UniversityNew Hampshire Monarchs (EHL)2014-15
01/24/14KERO, DevinMichigan Tech. UniversityMerritt Centennials (BCHL)2014-15
01/24/14LOPEZ, DannyHoly Cross UniversityNew Jersey Hitmen (USPHL)2014-15
01/23/14KOPACKA, JohnathanU.S. Air Force AcademyPort Huron Fighting Falcons (NAHL)2014-15
01/22/14CROMWELL, AlexProvidence CollegeFort McMurray Oil Barons (AJHL)2014-15
01/22/14MENDELSON, MattPenn State UniversityMuskegon Lumberjacks (USHL)2014-15
01/22/14GERARD, CharlieMinnesota State UniveristyOhio AAA Blue Jackets Major Midget (T1Maj)2015-16
01/22/14GILLESPIE, MichaelNiagara UniversityNew Jersey Rockets (EHL)2015-16
01/22/14PULVER, MattU.S. Air Force AcademyOmaha AAA Hockey Club U16 (NAPH16)2016-17
01/22/14CROCOCK, MikeSacred Heart UniversityKingston Voyageurs (OJHL)2014-15

Bobcats extend league win streak to 3, 14-9-1 over all

It was a hot one in Bowling Green, as the Bobcats and Trojans played a rescheduled game.  The Trojans are in  rebuilding and are just behind the rest of league by a couple bodies.  That did not stop the Trojans from bringing as did Northview a very physical game, that found the Trojans rewarded, ending the first up 2-1.   How physical was the play?  18 penalty's and 8 PP situations over all.  The Second period the Bobcats tilted the ice, and tally 3 goals, and shoved the physical play right back at the Trojans, in a game where there is NO love loss.  The Bobcats garner a 4-2 lead at the end of the second.  The Third ends in a 5-5 tie after findlay had battled back to knot the game at 4 a side.  BG found the net on another DeWitt goal for his third point of the night.  Findlay the scores inside the final ticks of the clock to tie her up.  The games OT did not last long.  13seconds in fact was they played.  THe pulled goalie worked for the trojans in the they kept him out for ot and that was all she wrote Rich for the goal.  Findlay was 3-4 on the PP and its fair to say the Trojans will be a BIG factor next year, and look to be strong enough to topple any team, especially if they let them in the game, as BG did tonight.

The Bobcats are now at that Magic 500 3-3

Toledo St Johns 6 games played    4 W  1 L 1 T   27 GF    14 GA
Toledo St Francis 7 games            4w      3L         17GF      21 ga
Bowling Green     6 games            3 w     3L        16GF      19GA
Sylvania North     7 games            3w      4 L        20 GF    24 GA
Findlay                 6games             1w      4L  1T   16GF     18GA

District meeting is scheduled for tonight
Expect to see as a likely look

Toledo St Johns     Sylvania   Perrysburg   Maumee

Toledo St francis      BG    Findlay    Southview  Anthonywayne

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It is that time of year again

It is time for the Ohio High School Hockey athlete needs to make so very important decisions. 
1.  Do I want to play College hockey?
If you answered No to question you should stop reading
2.  Do I want to play NCAA college hockey, or ACHA club college hockey?
You need to learn the best path that will challenge, and develop you.  Underlying key fact, you have to play games to develop.  So just as Dalton Carter was healthy scratch in the NAHL, he did not find sucess until he joined the EHL.
3.  What is my GPA?  Lower closes doors, and lower reduces academic money as well later.
4. What are my ACT and SAT scores? The higher the better, dont be average, be exceptional.
5.  Am I being recruited by any NCAA D1, D3 or ACHA teams right now?  Ask question of the recruiter, get advice.
6. Am I being recruited by any AAA or JR teams right now?  Ask questions and get advice.


The path to NCAA hockey is an arduous one.  You dont realize it, but you have been on it since your youngest years.  Trying to play the most competitive hockey you can.  Doing the best you can in school.  Being a good person of strong character and values.  The better you are in all those areas the better your chances.  In the Ohio High School scene, 1 player every 6.3 years reaches NCAA D1 hockey.  Even then that comes only after 2-3 years of JR hockey, as the average incoming age of the NCAA hockey player is 20.3 years old.  Dalton Carter a recent mid-season arrival at U Mass Lowell NCAA D1 Hockey East is the latest exception.  Matt Wurst playing NCAA D3 at Wisconsin River Falls is representative of 1 player every 7.4 years.  Yes longer because for many  discard the NCAA dream when Division 1 passes them by, instead pursuing club hockey which averages roughly 30 players a year.
By the numbers: There are roughly 103 Ohio High School hockey teams. An estimated 2160 hockey players.  The Odds of Reaching NCAA D1 are .008%.  Compare that to the ANNUAL odds of playing Club 1.3%.
Compare that to 170 AAA level named clubs.  3570 estimated players.  86 of whom are noted as having received an NCAA D1 commitment this year, or 2.25%. in AAA your playing with the scouts are, not the fans.  Playing in front of who you want to play for when you are 21, and making in many cases hefty trade offs.   Globally there 350,000 estimated NCAA eligible D1 20U players.    Odds of reaching NCAA D1 Globally are .071%, which LOL equates to the fact you are statistically better off playing anywhere but Ohio High School to reach NCAA D1.  That said, and I am honestly Laughing, because I have checked and rechecked my math.  I never knew that Stat before.  But hey, here is the deal.  You are playing Ohio High School Hockey.  High School hockey is awesome, you have the fans and the whole HS experience.  You are not studdying in your car, you are not taking online HS classes, you are not paying 40k a year for a private education, you are not paying 8,000$ a year for hockey. 

Dont feel down at all, do not feel as if it can not happen.  If you want it, really want it.  You can get there.  1 in 6 years is an unacceptable number.  Which is why numerous people are working to get that number to where it should be.  3-4 a year.  Not right out of High School, that is not realistic in any way shape or form, hockey is not football or basketball.  Every player needs to play 20U (Jrs) to matriculate successfully,THIS IS A FACT.  Unless that player is one of the very exceptional, which I assure are not playing Ohio High School Hockey right now.  There are players, right now in Ohio.  Who honestly do meet the criteria to receive an NCAA commitment for 2016, 2017. They will not however get one, because the overall view and time have not been invested by those who make that final call. So what is one to do?  Do everything you can, every day to the be your best.  That is all you can do.  That is all, that is all honestly anyone can do.  At the end of the day, look at yourself in the mirror and ask  " Did I do all I can do to help myself become a college hockey player?"  Do the work.  Reach out to AAA and JR teams now about next year after graduation.  DO NOT leave your HS team to go skate with a JR or AAA team now.  Ohio has its GROSSLY out dated Draconian rules which will cause havok for your HS team and you if you do, and are discovered.  As Ohio HS alumni, and current players  it is on you to start fixing the problems that are inhibiting Ohio Players.  Stand up and be hear, and be loud, their futures are on your shoulders.  Allowing the state to handicap you on the national stage has to end.  Jump your coaches shit, jump your administrator shit about fixing these ball crushing rules.  Then if the state wont respond the Ohio HS teams OWE it to the players, to strip their state sponsored VARSITY tags and register as tier II AA teams in USA hockey, establish some full season by laws and  just run with a MUCH BETTER OPTION. Independently run by real hockey people!  Not flim flam the scam man.

Is JR Hockey a garuntee to NCAA hockey?  NO.  Jr hockey is not a garuntee to NCAA hockey nor should it be considered as such.  There are far to many moving parts to consider.   Jr Hockey is a business and Coaches do their best to win games and make sure players are promoted.  So as long as a coach is achieving two of those three things his job is more stable than not.  For the players, who this is all supposed be about.  only two help them to develop and get there.   This is why its important players go where they are wanted and will play.  That requires trust and hell, some times it doesn't work out.  Players have rough first years.  Trades happen, and in some cases they just are not good enough.  Fact is you cant reach the NCAA if you don't try, and if you think about it, its worth trying.  You are only able to try once.  

Monday, February 3, 2014

Bobcats first win since 2009, Ohio High School State Rankings Fed 3 2014

It has been since 2009 that the Bowling Green Bobcats tallied a conference W against Sylvania Northview.  This was a solid weekend for the Bobcats, and we love it here at Scouting Ohio High School Hockey when teams that are supposed to win.  Sure some of those wins are closer contests than  are expected, but winning is the key.  The foundation of sucess, and illustrates a winning culture.  That is exactly what the Bobcats have going.  Saturday the Bobcats took a 2-1 OT victory over Sylvania Northview.  It took OT to do it, sure, but the Bobcats got it done.  The first two periods were tit for tat.  Which illustrates just how much Sylvania has risen with all  of the delayed games.  Further illustrates how much to the Bobcats they have developed, and how much more is needed.   The Bobcats response to the victory?  Another W on Sunday.  This time over Shaker Heights.  While Shaker is a very different team than the team that won states last year, they still have some potency.  Not enough to give solid teams to much headache, as long as they focus, and just play.  Which is what BG did as they played to a 2-1 victory.   The Road for Bowling Green now advances to the Tuesday the 4th, 7pm when the Trojans come to town.  Findlay is another team that has had time, and will play hard, I look for BG to win, and BG needs to Win.  Three days later, Bowling Green and Findlay play in findlay.  Another Game BG needs to win.Which takes us to Rocky River.  Rocky River has tied, and just recently beaten Shaker to earn that top spot.  I still hold to the fact that with Shaker having been throttled by every team in the Great Lakes, and Rocky River for that matter that neither of these teams are real factor in legit post season play.
U.S toppled Holy Name 4-1 on the first then pounded St. Ignatius in to an over time submission to take first place in the Great Lakes League.  Early favorite Lake Catholic and the Rebel Okicki Brothers have been on hard times, after doing hard time, just having been the recipients of a good ole fashioned ass whoop.  At the back hand of Gilmour. 

Ohio High School Hockey State Rankings February 3rd 2014

1. Toledo St. Johns
2. St. Ignatius
2. U.S (+2)

4.Walsh Jesuit
5. Bowling Green (+1)
6. Lake Catholic (-3)
7. St. Charles (+1)
8. Toledo St. Francis(-1)
9. Holy Name
10. Olentangy Orange