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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Growth and expansion

Well friends, followers and fellow hockey junkies.  The site has undergone a change.  A massive expansion, in fact.  It came only after much thought and debate.  The expansion and growth is going to work on family education on the directions players and parents need to consider.  This is a big issue that makes for many long and unsettling times for 2/3 of those seeking advancement to jr hockey and those every year in all ranks.  I will not make anyone sleep more easily, but I am working basic commonsense tool that for self evaluation.  I have found in my own ADD DYSLEXIC life that tools help, as they help with everything!  Just as personal safety starts with awareness and ends with preparedness,  I figure a developmental tool can do the same.  Make a family and player aware of his/her ability and help them prepare for the most likely plan.  Hopefully for some it saves thousands of dollars. 
The expansion has really limitless bounds, I want to write and share thoughts across the board, from major Jr to AA 14U.  Just talk hockey, and share what is being seen.  I will write about top some top prospects, and some who have the potential.  I will talk about rule changes that as I see it need to be changed (ie automatic offside in youth travel hockey, where there is NO NEED to have this rule, it hurts the game and hinders development), and what is working...such as the new modified checking rule, which has allowed kids at all levels to hit, hit hard, hit smart and actually increased physical play. 

I hope everyone is having a great spring.   Stay tuned....