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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sylvania Northview Goalie goes undercontact with Laconia

Photo Credit AndyMorrison-Toledo Blade

Austin Gryca signs with Laconia Leafs

Over the last four season of Ohio High School there have been many constants.  One has been Sylvania Northview goalie Austin Gryca, #30.   Austin took the Ohio hockey scene by storm, and did what he said he would do.  "Help Northview win their first State Championship."  Year one the Wildcats fell in the district finals.  Year Two his sophomore campaign the Wildcats, oddly fell to Wildcats.  The St. Ignatius Wildcats in the Championship, which as a loss is still arguably one of his best individual performances.  In his third season the Wildcats lost to Toledo St. Francis, in the one game they needed to win, as they had been the only team all that season, that had been able to beat the Knights (2010-2011 State champions).  It came to year four, his Sr campaign where he and Phil Bowels combined into the best goalie tandem in state history.  Most people, myself included don't go for tandems, especially with a season as short as the Ohio season.  Mike Jones head coach of the Wildcats does it his way. When he saw this capable pair, instead of riding one horse, he lashed them both to a chariot and rode them in race that would make Spartacus proud.

As the numbers go advancement to Jr hockey is hard enough.  Then add in the exponential goalie factor where any given team carries  two to three and your dealing with far fewer teams at every higher level., and each and every spot is highly coveted. The Laconia Leafs and the AJHL have been producing and taken part in devleoping NCAA National Champions, Major Jr Memorical Cup winners and NHL players.  The Leafs are a proud team with a rich hockey tradition just added an Ohio High School State Champion, who once again is a rookie in the hockey life cycle. 

Last year the AJHL-MJHL combined for for nearly 100 NCAA D1 and D3 varsity commitments, and just over 10 players being selected to play in the CHL. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Good things brewing Ohio HS alumni

Rising offensive d-man star Connor Frey has his game face on these days.   The Amarillo Bulls tender.  A Toledo St. Francis 2010-2011 Ohio HS Champion/Team Toledo veteran  is training hard with Mike Mankowski and Dan Jones. Frey is chomping at the bit ready to take his place among the Bull's elite, and dominate the Jr level in preparation for a stellar NCAA career.

Sylvania Northview-Team Toledo veteran, Nolan Culver a veteran of both USHL and NAHL is slated to play this season with the K-Wings of the NAHL. Culver is an exceptionally smart and shifty center, and he too is maintaining his training and development regimen with Mike Mankowski. In anticipation of a highly competitive season in the  hotly contested NAHL North division.

Ben Torchia, FWD Toledo St. Francis-Team Toledo looks to be launching his Jr years in the AJHL as well.  Torchia again can be found training along side long time teammates Culver, Frey, Schmidt( Team Toledo- DesMoines USHL- Ferris State), Rodebusch with Mike Mankowski at Sylvania Tamoshanter, as he gets ready to head off to Laconia NH

Dalton Carter Sylvania Northview 2012 graduate, and Captain of the Wildcats first ever state title team.   Finds himself reunited with former teammates, and competition as he breaks in tot the Jr ranks.  Dalton who amassed 33 goals, and 29 assists in 35 games and was named with Honorable Mention-2010 & 2011
2012 1st team and 2012 Player of the year finds himself at the bottom of the barrel so to speak.  A rookie in the NAHL with Kalamazoo.   He finds himself with Nolan Culver (Sylvania Northview 2011) Matt Wurst Toledo St. Johns 2010 and St Ignatius 2012 graduate Patrick Spellacy.

Patric Spellacy St Ignatius a four year varsity player for the Wildcats and all time record holder in PTS, Goals, Assists and Goals in one game.  Has broken in to the Jr Ranks.  Drafted by Kalamazoo in the 5th round and 98th overall. 

Jacob Green #71 D man out of Olentangy Oranges Pioneers , a state semi final team has elected to join the Jr Jacks NA3HL out of Cleveland Ohio, (Generally as a matter of priniciple) I'll avoid mentioning NA3 matriculation as the league is very hit or miss.  Cleveland is  hit where players grow.

Zach Felser one of the shiftiest handiest players around is joining Bell Tire AAA MM for the 2012-13 season.  A far as centers go with playmaking ability Z is outstanding.

Nathan Gay, BGSH's big goalie and the key net minder of the Sylvania Maple Leafs Tier II Midget Major USA hockey Championship National Runners up has pulled the trigger.  Nate is off the well acclaimed MJHL andTwin City Northerlights.  The MJHL averages 4-6 NCAA D1 commitments annually and a majority of players matriculate to the various CJHL clubs, EJHL, NAHL and USHL every year.

Layne Martin, Findlay Trojan 2011/ Team Toledo was tendered by NAHL expansion team the SOO.  Layne has his NAHL sight set high and is hopeful in pursuing NCAA D1 Alaska.  With his speed, quick shots and two way play it does not take much imagination to see that happening.

Austin Gryca, Sylvania Northviews goalie of record has signed with the Laconia Leafs.  see article.

Tyler DeWitt Sylvania Northview 2013, has made some large strides in his quest to reach Jr's and NCAA play.  Tyler who with out question is the most physical D-man in the area stretched and tested himself in AAA, USHL, and first contact hockey camps this summer.  Easily bringing the heaviest hits, he put up good numbers, and his fight card reads like that of a golden gloves champion.  Entering his Sr and final season at Sylvania Northview Tyler is makes the case for being a corner stone in Defensive Corps and with his unmatchable off ice condition regimen is leading by example.

This completes the Jr round up.  We wish all the above players the best, as they strive to active their goals.

You may have noticed the names Mike Mankowski and Dan Jones above.  This is not by coincidence.  In the following weeks I hope to have a nice piece outlining exactly what this training regimen is all about.  I may just get fancy and add a video to it as well. Update Nate Gay BOwlibg Green High School and Sylvaina Maple Leafs Tier II national runner up goalie is Likely in with Port Huron or Amarillo