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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Phantoms USHL, Roster thoughts

With Nolan Culver, of Sylvania Northviews drive in the hockey world, a big second step has been taken.  When the Phantoms publish their 25 man Roster July 1st it will look much like this:
Mike Ambrosia 5/25/92 f
Conor Brown 4/2/92 f
Stephan Collins 8/10/91 f
Mike Szmatula 8/10/92 F
Ryan Lowney 1/4/94 D
Justin Stevens 11/24/91 D
Austin Cangelosi 5/8/92 C
Greg Gibson 1/31/91 C
Jt Stenglein 7/11/93
Sam Annas C
Michael Gunn 5/11/92 D
Ty Loney 3/1/92 F
Alexander Taulien 8/23/92 D
Daniel Renouf 6/1/94 D
Jordan Young 5/12/92 DShane Shiring 11/3/92 F
Dylan Margonari 2/7/92 F
Alex Gacek 4/6/93 C
Alex Dahl 2/27/93 C
Nolan Culver 7/14/93 C
Todd Koritzinsky 9/1/93 F
Ryan Belonger 5/5/92 F
PAtrick Conte 3/1/91 F
MAthew O'Connor 2/14/92 G
Sean Romeo 11/7/94 G

Nolan Culver is from what I have seen in research, the first Ohio HS player to make this leep.  In so doing he should be laying the foundation for others to follow.  We all know their are great players found in all levels and leagues.  The problems for scouts are, 1.  They just dont have the budget to hit every league, and 2. by not watching every league how can they attempt to project how each player will project to the a next level.

If the state listened to parents and coaches.  Adopting a modern, competitive approach to High School Athletics. specifically hockey in this case, Ohio would have far more athletes advancing, on an annual bases.  The talent is here, the odd systems in place directing HS hockey, added by league structures and a championship that make no competitive sense, have it hog tied.