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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Culver Reports to Phantoms

Nolan Culver has faced some interesting times.  His trip to the combine, being Tendered by the Amarillo Bulls, making the 23 man roster for the Youngstown Phantoms and add in talks with D1 Colleges coupled with plans for those visits after the season begins.  Add in the intense conditioning regimen and your pretty busy.   Yet, just when the road was looking "simple" a curve comes at him.  Head Coach Curtis Carr, accepted the assistant coaching position with Merrimack college.  A great move for Carr, a great program.   The next few days for Culver, were interesting as the wait began with who would be the next head coach.
Step in assistant coach Noreen.  At 28 years old he will be the youngest coach the Phantoms have ever had and I believe the youngest USHL coach.  This move of elevating from with in for the Phantoms has been the norm, Carr was the last assistant promoted, and Mainhardt before him.  For the players, at this late date in the Coaching carousel, the move provides familiarity.  Nolan was called by coach Noreen and Culver was simply told nothing has changed, report for camp on Aug 30th ready to work hard starting the 31st.
The USHL Fall clasic begins on Sept 21st in Sioux City Iowa.  For Culver and the Phantoms the sechedualed games are as follows: Game 1 Sept 22nd vs Cedar Rapids @4pm CT, Game 2 Sept 23 vs Sioux Falls@ 6pm CT and Sept 24th vs Lincoln at 7pm CT.
Following the Fall Classic the Phantoms open regular season play just North of Culver's home town of Sylvania Ohio, in Ann Arbor MI.  The Phantoms will be playing Team USA Sept 30th at 7pm EST.