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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tryout season has come again to North West Ohio.

It seems  for a brief moment every year.  In that time between the explosive, vibrant colors of fall and first bite of bitter cold, time stands still.  Passing ever so slowly for the young men and women who have spent the past 8 months conditioning and working harder than ever for these few days.  These few days called tryouts.  For the Sylvania Northview Wildcats those days begin bright and early on the 4th of November at 0530 where the prospects step on the ice for the first time to strut their stuff.  They will return to the ice again at 1630.  On the 5th of November they will take the ice at 1800.  The 6th at 0700 followed by at 10k run at 0900.
The Toledo day school, St. Johns team takes the ice at 1930 on November 4th, again on November 5th at 1930.

Then as best as I can tell with numbers being  low, and with the decision of Ben Torchia to chase a Jr hockey dream with Tier I AAA Bell Tire. Toledo day school, St. Francis  are not conducting formal tryouts this season.   Bowling Green High School Bobcats look to take their first steps on Tuesday November 1st at 17:15 on the BGSU main sheet of ice, then on 2nd at 1630, and the 3rd at 1700.

November 11th at 7pm Sylvania Northview is playing a home against an unknown team.  On the 12th at 11 am Sylvanai Northview is hosting Upper Arlington.
Toledo day school St. Johns plays Cleveland day University school at 11am nov 19th.
Sylvania Northviews Cold Turkey spotlight games!
Starting NOV 25th
630pm Findlay HS plays Gilmour day school
830 pm Saint Francis day school play Sylvania Northview
November 26th the action is in full stride.
Findlay  and Northview play at 11 am
Saint Francis and Gilmour play at 1pm
Gilmour and Northview play at 6pm
Saint Francis and Findlay play at 8pm
Sunday has 3rd and 4th place at 930 am
and the Championship at 1130 am

ON Dec 9th we see a return of League play with a day school contest of Saint Francis and St. Johns

In other news at the State level it seems some movement is taking shape to modernize High School hockey.  This is not happening at a break-neck speed mind you.  "Next, by a unanimous vote, the Board passed a motion to cap the total number of regular season games permitted in hockey at 35 starting with the 2012-13 season."   It would have been nice to also read that the state would be divided in to two competitive, and separate divisions.  Each with its own Championship.  Further hearing the state do away with pre-post hockey and implementing a longer season, where teams could pick up and play "prepost" as the same teams that play High School season would have been outstanding.  Yet, no movement on that regard.

Past player updates
Alden Hirschfeld, Miami University, NCAA D1- Sylvania Northview

Nolan Culver, Youngstown Phantoms, USHL- Sylvania Northview

Jordan Jones, Boston Jr Black Hawks IJHL Super Elite A- Sylvania Northview

Jackson Steltmann, North Iowa Bulls, NA3HL- St. Johns

Matthew Wurst, Kalamazoo NAHL- St. Johns

Ben Torchia, Bell Tire AAA- St. Francis

Nathan Oblinger, Bell Tire AAA- St. Francis
Connor Frey, Bell Tire AAA- St. Francis
Layne Martin, Bell Tire AAA- Findlay High School