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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quick thoughts on this past weekends highlights.

St. Ignatius is just flat out rolling, friends.  Impressive as all get out.  The Wildcats did find get some great news that Liam Geither's tendon is not a bad as early reports indicated.  Liam will be back scoring goals, and making plays for the Barron Cup.  The team did find a very competitive game against Shaker Heights.  St Ignatius won that bout 3-1 on a goals coming from Abood(1) and Spellacy(2).  The Wildcats are in full stride and have no stop signs in sight.

Sylvania Northview fumbled along in this last weekend nearly being laid out by both St. Johns.  The worst hockey I have seen from this team all season, a real mess.  They had better get the kinks worked and start paying attention to detail, again or its not beyond suspecison that they even make district semi's, who cares about States at that point.
  While its easy to say Northview did not play to their potential, much credit, no a ton of credit needs to be given to the Titans.  The team is just improving  and developing far more than predicted.  Their systems are advancing and they have players playing with surgical precision, that were not anticipated to be at this level this season.  I have to say considering the rivalry between Northview and St. Johns it is easy to see St. Johns being the team from Northwest Ohio.  They are just on track. 

I am still liking Olentangy Liberty down South.  Nice goal tending tandem, good production up front and nice D-Zone play all year.  My pick from the lands down under.

Well Cleveland.  I am not slighting you by any means.  I like Rocky River a heck of a lot, Walsh has earned a ton this year.  Building from year to year.  Im torn.