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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pre Post

It was a weekend where we saw a cleveland struggling against Columbus, the Sylvania 16u playing the 18u and Toledo vs Toledo.  There was good hockey, some good players, some players not playing up to their potential and others not playing at all.  Its difficult at best to long term projection when any number of variables is impacting the game.  Prepost is fun for some, development for others, and the off season for others.  Yet Im making my list.  Checking it thrice, I will find out who's nasty and nice.

In this moment I have my Sr's well pined.  Its this group of 96's, that I keep finding pulling me in.  competitive, driven, skilled and responsive.  Playing good heads up hockey, making hits that need to be made, good puck movement, moving with purpose.  Yes these are core of Ohio's next stars.  Sure Geither will move on, Estrell, Crandal, Suter, and host of others from the state.

I hope to post my initial list, and rankings by or in early December.