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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Time is NOW

Under the OHSAA Constitution

Each sport tournament sponsored by the OHSAA
shall be divided into as
many divisions as the
Board of Directors deems necessary
and appropriate for the fair a
nd efficient management of these
sponsored tournaments. With the exception of f
ootball’s largest enrollment division, each division
shall have an equal, or nearly equa
l, number of schools or individuals
Consider the total lack of understanding,of Ice Hockey. I will ask a few simple questions.  Question that as you answer, you ask yourself is it fair or reasonable that the state has not further subdivided Ice Hockey.  Ask why it is not necessary to further subdivide ( does it make good common sense to have team play whole season to loose 10-0 in two periods?).  Ask is it to complicated some how to further subdivide.( these state folk are  edumakated, right )  Ask why there is not Ice Hockey Govenor, a person who has an intimate understanding of the game, serving to better the Ice Hockey Comunity?
1.  Since Hockye went many none Red division schools have won State titles
2.  How many none red division schools have reach even District finals
3. How close are those district playoff games between none red division schools, and Red division schools?   Come on...most end in 10+ that COMPETITIVE BALLANCE?  IS IT...HUMM
4. Is it very complex and difficult to establish an upper and lower tier of Ice Hockey?  
5.  Is it some how to dificult to effieciently manage two state levels of Ice hockey?
6.  Do hockey people have a 95% understanding of what teams would most likely make up the two divisions?
So what is God Damn hold up?

This is why this needs to be the last year for Varsity Hockey.  Its time to go back to a Club level and self manage, find a sponsor for the Championship.  .Hold said titles, yes plural, in a VENUE APPROPRIATE facility, have a longer season reflective of the modern sport, and rules that are reflective of Ice Hockey's Unique PATH to NCAA play.