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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


"There's a new sheriff in town."  He's no stranger to these parts, the rare bird he is.
He wears his star proud, carry's his gun rig low on the hip and shoots straight enough to the knock the nuts off a gnat at 20 paces.  His star is the new Logo 
Gone are the Maple Leafs, as under his guidance have found themselves earning positions in each of his seasons here but the first at USA Hockey's National Championships.  This year is proving no different for his 18U team, a group that now enjoys the highest caliber of on and off ice training.  
In addition to the 18U team Sylvania continues to put teams on the ice in the most competitive divisions of youth hockey that match abilities.  The program continues to grow, at a steady pace, as do the players who participate.  Look for the 18 and 16 teams to be in the National Picture again, and look for the younger programs to be in the hunt as well.

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