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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Henry Dill playing for Aberdeen NAHL

LIke most players your goal is to land options.  Better options, like for Dill being drafted out of the AAA Blue Jackets, 156th in the USHL draft is a good start.  Dill like the majority are outstanding, and for what ever the reason being, his USHL opportunity, lead to his NAHL opportunity.  Dill is the primary net minder for the Aberdeen Wings.  At 6'2" and 205lbs he fits the mold of good sized, athletic goalies.  His stats at 6 games played he seen a total of 179 shots, surrendered 14 goals and has an eliet 926 save percentage.
Last night the the second place, NAHL central division team, faced the #1 ranked MidWest, and arguably the 1 or 2 overall Minnesota Wilderness.  The Wilderness downed the wings 3-0.  Hill faced 33 shots, and the Wings managed 30.  The Wilderness again went on the PK 5 times, and again remained perfect.  18 games played, and 100% on the PK.  While Culver an other Ohio native did not find a point in the game, it is likely only a matter of time until the Wilderness give the heady center his try on the PP as overall the team average in that arena, and last night in 3 PP they produced nothing.
Connor Frey of the Amarillo Bulls found the net once last night and got a helper as that 1 or 2 overall ranked team rolled to an easy victory.