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Monday, March 10, 2014

Changes needed to Ohio HIGH SCHOOL HOCKEY

1.  Adopt USA hockey rules
2. Add Icing Rule- where by the team who has iced the puck, is NOT permitted a line change.
3. 4 divisions of Varsity(2) and JV(2),  each with  State Titles.
4.  Abandoning any arena that is designated as holding more than 8,000 fans.
5. The Ohio Red Division should consist of the following teams: Extending the invitation to fully accept Bedford High School to participate in and Compete for OHIO state titles, further invite Culver Varsity as a full member.
Toledo st Johns, Bowling Green, Findlay, Sylvania Northview, Toledo St Francis, St. Ignatius, Gilmour, St. Eds, U.S, Holy Name, Lake Catholic, Padua, Walsh, Rocky River, Shaker heights, Hudson, Mentor, Brecksville, Strongsville, Olentangy Orange, Dublin Jerome, Olentangy Liberty, Dublin Coffman, Cininnati Moeller..
That is a 24-26 team League, with 4 districts
1. NW OHIO- Toledo St. John, St. Francis, Sylvania Northview, Findlay ( bedford, Culver)
2. SE Ohio- Shaker Heights, Rocky River, Hudson, mentor, Brecksville, Strongsville
3. E Ohio- St Ignatius, Gilmour, St Eds, U.S, Holy Name, Lake Catholic, Padua, Walsh
4. SW Ohio-  Olentangy Orange, Dublin jerome, Olentangy Liberty, Dublin Coffman, Cininati moeller.

District play off format
1. Teams regular season conference teams placed 1-4 qualify for district play
2. Regular season #1 team is regular season champion and district host and is responsible for providing all workers for district playoffs
3. Teams placed 2-4 will be sent ONE EACH, to each of the 3 districts that are not their home district for the playoffs.
4. District playoffs will be round robin.  Each team will play each of the other three teams.  Scoring will be game total score.(no points awarded by period)  Should a tie be resultant out come from 3 periods of play, no over time will ensue.  Tie Breakers to determine the two team for district championship will be Head to head tourney play, TOTAL goals for, TOTALgoals against.  If a tie still exists a 25 min mini game will be played between the tied teams, if still tied after 25 min, a shootout.
5. District Champions advance to round robin play, to each other.  Top two teams advance to a best of 3 series.  A coin flip will ensue.  Winner gets to pick to host first game or second.  Team that hosts second game will also host (3) game if needed.  the second game will be play at 11 am.  3 rd game after 6pm the same day as second game.  Tie at end of regulation, leads to 15 min OT.  Max 3 OT followed by shoot out.