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Friday, March 14, 2014

Ohio High School Hockey Final-World's First Ever Male Couple


Well Hockey Fans, I made the reference and have it heard it a few
times.  Now with a site patron sending me this link, it was really
fitting, and a must add.  The satire of the whole thing is much.  The High lights from the state game,
"everyone's a winner" .

The more I think about it, and learn, the
more clear it is that NO ONE was in any more danger than that of
regulation game.  This is just more OHSAA being disrespectful of Hockey
and the Ohio Players, more to the mountian of evidence that the OHSAA has failed as Ohio Hockey's Governing body, that they have not kept pace with game, have no understanding what so ever of the game, have no desire to change and modernize, and have NO PLACE governing Ohio High School Hockey.  I can not encourage enough the players, coaches, students, alumni, fan, and parents to write and demand change, To Vote NO on any school Levy ( which by the way were in 1996 ruled Unconstitutional- as Personal Property Tax was found to be unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court September 10th1996 finding in the DeRolph Vs State case...yet they strong arm force us to pay, because they fail to adhere to sound budget practices, that put education of mind and body first, and ignore the LAW).  Speak, speak loudly, speak with your voice and your DOLLARS.

What a totally fucked up ending, how totally unfair to players and fans.  There were far better options available, than to lie about player safety that was no more dangerous than regular play. Which leads me to believe that next year the state will have players wearing body condoms, air bags and not allowing checking in the name of player safety.