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Monday, December 12, 2011

Any questions as to who the BEST team in Ohio is?

Are there?  It truly is unquestionable who the best team in the state is.  Who the best team of all time will be known as, yes all time, surpassing even the BGHS power house days.  I would say its the Wildcats, but that would make some of my readers think of the Sylvania Northview Wildcats.  Sorry, good as they are folks.  Your boys based on their efforts to this point and I will include all other "front runners" when I say they lack the speed, skill, determination, discipline and pure athleticism to be part of this conversation.
Cleveland St. Ignatius is KING.  
Housing one recognized NHL prospect in 1993 birth Patric Spellacy.  The formidable, Spellacy towers over his opposition at 6'4" and a solid 210lbs still manning up hefty frame.  The young-man is extremly well balanced for his size.  Nearly impossible to dislodge puck, far more difficult in fact than former Ohio Team USA member Kevin Irwin (Cleveland Barrons AAA, now residing the the USHL DesMoines and property of the Ohio State University NCAA D1).  What makes this beast even more potent is his elusiveness and crafty hands. His shots come from every where, hard on the ice, lasing for the corners and tight holes, with a quick release that is baffling some rather sound goalies.  But Cleveland St. Ignatius is not a one man show.  Spellacy is neither Captain, or Alternate.  Look at this roster which contains 6 other Jr prospects:
Players:                              #           Class Year
Abood, Michael “A”         9              SR
Avdey, Mike                    20              JR
Brogan, Danny                19             SO
DeVilliers, Jacques           23            SR
Fricker, Bobby                 31             SR
Geither, Liam “A”           12             SR
Kovesdy, Matt                 30             SR
Malone, Joey                   15             JR
McNulty, Alex                  2             JR
McQuinn, Miles “C”       17             JR
Riemenschneider, Colton “A”    21       SR
Rimpf, Nick                   14                    JR
Schultz, Beck                 10               SO
Shockley, Zak                24                 SR
Smith, Harry                  3                  SO
Smith, Will “C”              16              SR
Spellacy, Paddy               8                SR
Steed, Andrew                 7                SR
Walsh, Eamonn              4                SR
Wiegandt, Jack            11                 FR
Wolf, Taylor              22                  SR
Zickes, Paul                5                     SR
by class  FR-1, So-3, JR-5, SR-13

Head Coach O’Rourke is looking internally for the level of competition needed to keep his Wildcats sharp.  He does not see any team in the state being able to match their abilities as a team, or individually.  He sees his group with no weakness, and he is right.  Case and point would be 5 shut out wins thus far by goalie Matt Kovesdy.  Who is well on his way for a state shut out title ( which stands at 14).  When you have a goalie as exceptional as Kovesdy you play him in every contest, Kovesdy has surrendered 7 goals in ten contests, a .7 Goal against average. 

Yet it doesn't start and stop with goal tending.  No one can get to him.  DeVilliers, Malone, McNulty, Rimpf, Shockley, Smith, and Steed are keeping teams well outside prime shooting lanes, providing little space and even less time to take shots and establish pressure. Should you get out of your defensive and near theirs your psychically punished, just beaten to a pulp.  The Defense for St. Ignatius starts and ends in their offensive zone,  a full 140 feet away from their goalie.  On this trajectory St. Ignatius will only surrender 18 more goals for the season. Having  surrendered only 25 total as they make their victory laps in Nation Wide Arena, with the State Championship trophy over their heads.
Get out see history in the making.  St. Ignatius will play St. Edward the 15th prior to leaving Ohio and the USA in search of competition in Canada.  I do not see them have any trouble with either St. Eds or the Canadians Dec 19th -20th .  The 2011-2012 state championship game on March 11, (which sadly those semi final games will still not feature the best 4 teams in the state, only the best team from each District),  will be all about which team gets to say they took the ice against Cleveland St. Ignatius, on that historic day.