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Monday, December 19, 2011


One on One 
Sylvania Northview #25
Well here it is folks.  I am going One on One with Sylvania Northview's #25, Dalton Carter.  
Dalton pictured here with Northview goalie Austin Gryca.

Numerated question by the author, John Holt.  

1. What do you like most about being a hockey player?
Dalton- My favorite thing about being a hockey player is going on the ice and not thinking about a thing and only focusing on the game.

2. What is your pregame ritual?
Dalton- my pre game ritual consists of me getting to the rink an hour and a half before and then getting my workout clothes on then stretching, i get half dressed then tape my stick, then just listen to music and focus on what i have to do. 

3. What is the first thing you do if you have a good shift? Bad shift?
Dalton- if i have a good shift, the first thing i do is let my line mates know it was a good shift and to keep it up. if i have a bad shift, the first thing i do is keep my head up and let my line mates know what we need to do to improve for the next shift.

4. Describe your recent NAHL experience with the Amarillo Bulls? 
Dalton - My recent experience with the Amarillo Bulls was outstanding, it gave me a chance to show the coaches what i have and also to compete with players of the next level.
 Dalton Carter (right) pictured here with Nolan Culver(left)
4b. Did they have any advice for you?
Dalton - they gave me tons of advice on how to improve my game but the most important thing i took from it is, i need to work on my foot speed.

5. What are your favorite subjects? List 2 and explain why you enjoy them.
Dalton- My 2 favorite subjects in school are Math and Chemistry. The reason i like them is because they both involve working out problems to receive your answer.

6. What do you aspire to become as a professional person. Hockey, no hockey please.
Dalton- It is my dream to become a professional hockey player. with that said, if that doesn't work out, I would like to be a pharmacist or an accountant.

7. What is your current GPA, are you taking any honors courses, doing an volunteer work?
Dalton-my current GPA is a 3.11. i am in an organization called BPA which is Business Professionals of America.

8. Assuming you were fortunate enough to earn a college hockey scholarship, and then able to pick which school. Who would be on your top 5. 
Dalton-  Miami, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Wisconsin
Dalton -These would be my top 5 because they are also very good educationally.

9. Do you have a game system? 
What is it, what are your 3 favorite games?
Dalton- I do have a game system, a xbox 360. My 3 favorite games are NHL 12, FIFA 12, and Call of Duty MW3.

10. What is your favorite movie?
Dalton-Law Abiding Citizen.

11. Favorite book?
Dalton-Searching for Bobby Orr

12. What do you most enjoy doing with your friends?
Dalton-Sitting around and hanging out watching sports. 

and finally
13. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Dalton- I see myself playing Division 1 college hockey.
Scouting Ohio High School Hockey
I would like to thank Dalton for his time in giving this first One On One with me.  We would also like to thank him and every Ohio High School Hockey player, and parent for their time and commitment to the sport, and betterment of Ohio High School hockey.   Living as closely as we do MI and the numerous options for AAA, in both Ohio and Michigan is high.   The lure for Ohio's elite prospects is high.  Yet the benefits of strong pier system, outstanding coaching and facilities is becoming more and more the tipping point for the High Schools retaining these top prospects, and Ohio once again gaining the much do notice for being the hockey the hot bed, she was in the recent past. 

Best of luck this season Dalton