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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ohio High School Hockey Rankings

Ranking the Top 8 Ohio hockey teams.  The rankings are derived from a mathmatical formula which includes an X-factor.  (The X-factor is yet another formula that assigns values to the human poll's and yet another value to the previously calculated mathmatical polls.) The Y factor is where it gets interesting as yet anohter factor.  The Y (as in why is everyone a winner factor) is assigned and carries some of the more interesting weight, because as we all know under the current system, the District Champions are the teams that advance to States, which does not equate to the best teams in the state making States.  (I have said repeatedly that this needs to end, and is easily solved.  Each districts top four teams should advance to regional district play. Where by the team with the best record at the end of the season stays on to be the home host to one of each of the remaining teams from each of the other districts.  Thusly establishing a 16 team comprehensive play off.  allowing for the best 4 teams to qualify for the final 4.  Its not rocket science, it is fair as the top 16 teams all have a fair chance to make states at that point, but via playoffs only the top four advance).  The results of this mid season data are listed first followed by two of the individual mathematical poll examples are below. Expect some movement following this weekends events.
 Scouting Ohio High School Hockey Poll
1. Sylvania Northview
2. Shaker Heights
3. Rocky River
4. Olentangy Liberty
5. St. Johns Jesuit
6. St. Edwards
7. Walsh
8. Olentangy Orange     


1. St Ignatius
2. St. Johns Jesuit
3. Sylvania Northview
4. Shaker Heights
5. University School
6. Gilmour Varsity
7. Olentangy Liberty
8. Hudson HS
9. St. Edwards
10. Walsh
11.   Rocky River
12. Olentangy orange
13. Lake Catholic
14. Dublin Jerome
15. Findlay
16. Dublin Coffman
17. Upper Arlington
18. St. Charles
19. Bowling Green
20. Bowling Green


1,Saint Ignatius
  2,Toledo Saint Johns 
  3,Walsh Jesuit
  4,University School 
  5,Holy Name 
  6,Shaker Heights
  8,Saint Edward 
  9,Olentangy Liberty
 10,Rocky River
 11,Sylvania Northview      
 12,Lake Catholic 
 13,Gilmour Academy A
 14,Dublin Jerome
 15,Bowling Green     
 17,Archbishop Moeller 
 18,Olentangy Orange
 19,Saint Charles

 Poll Two