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Monday, December 17, 2012

The High School season is underway, sorry for the long delay

December 17th 2012

Well Ohio High School fans, the season is well underway at this point.  I apologize for the long delay-absence.   There have items of interest that run from hither to dither and all points in between.
I again start with the fact that Ohio HS needs to make the move to follow USA hockey rules and regulations.  Not just for the HS championships in USA hockey, but for the cohesiveness that comes with both High School Driven and Related activities being part of the Nations Hockey governing body.  Thus ending the ridiculous, and out right dangerous antics that can and do occur every year, in the pre-post seasons.

So lets dive in here.  Prepost
Once again we see at the 18u AA level  the Ohio clubs making some serious noise.  Team Ohio is quite impressive and looks to be the odds on favorite over Team Cleveland and last years Nationals runners up Sylvania Maple Leafs.  It is my beliefe that the Team Ohio group will likely make the National tourney this year over Sylvania.  That game however will be soome thing to be seen.  As it is those three teams, who harbor what amount to being some of the best players the state has had in recent memory.  The team that represents the great state of Ohio, will make its way to Hartford Connecticut.  Games being played April 3-7th.  The 16U groups will be in Troy Mi the same dates.

As we look over the current HS scene we are seeing the the Cleveland Reds play out more or less as I was predicting we would see last year.  The power seems to be in the hands of the Cleveland public's.  Shaker looks to be the potentially the best team in the state and best for the school.  at 3-2-0 in league play but has strugled a bit and has some consitancy issues.  What is alarming are losses to St Eds and St Ignatius.  This is giving me cause to believe that these teams nerves are likely to hold them back.  Now they do have time sort that out, but if they do not when it matters the experience of St. Eds and Ignatius will come in to serious play.  So if on 1-11 Shaker can upend Ed's as they are capable, and then repeat on 1-26 against Ignatius the table is set for them head down to the life sucking void known as Nation wide arena.  If not its the Wildcats.

IN the North East Rocky River seems to be and should run the table.  Winning how when they should except one drop to Walsh who is going to be right on their heels!

In the south I have seen some of the off beat schools play and its been a joy.  Many strides forward over the past few years and I just want to kudos to all the parents and sponsor who are supporting those areas youth programs and have been for so long.  Keep it up, it is making a big difference and I will predict that in the next few years some will be surprised by a shift should you retain those players for your Varsity squads.  I would like to Orange move up to the Red Division as it would really up the competition level for all parties.  That said I am at looking at Dublin Jerome emerging this season, but I like Orange.

In Northwest Ohio the conversation has been all Toledo St Johns.  Well the good conversations anyway.  Good reasons for that as well.  A great all-star cast of players, and I'll say the best team they have put in the ice in 4-5 years.  The problem I see is,  I feel they are under-performing.  They have another or two levels high they can play at, but seem to only bump into them and not remain constant.  Sylvania Northview after last seasons first State title was written off for dead.  They lost this, they lost that, they dont have a.  I've heard it all and Im discounting it all.  They have goaltending, they have D, they have goal scoring.  They have no "stud factor" no one guy that gets it done, but that damn yellow hair went in to their brains.  They have cohesiveness and each other.  This is a Northview TEAM.  I like what St. Johns has this year and fully see the potential.  I am however calling Northview to play for another State Title, so I figure that means they win the NW district too.

Stay tuned for past player updates and news ....

*  Updates
Connor Frey 93' D Team Toledo/Toledo St Francis 5'11" 180lbs NAHL Amarillo Bulls  22 games played, 3 Goals, 8 Assists, 11 Pts, +15, 23PIM

Patrick Spellacy 93' F, Team Cleveland-Cleveland St. Ignatius 6'3" 195lbs NAHL Kalamazoo K-Wings 26 games 5goals, 6 A, 11 pts,  +3, 2PIM

Matt Wurst 92' 5'11" 195 30 games, 2g, 6 A, 8pts,  -5, 14 PIM  NAHL Kalamazoo K-Wings

Nolan Culver 93 FWD 5'8" 160lbs Team Toledo/Sylvania Northview NAHL Kalamazoo K-wings to EJHL Bay State Breakers 8 games 0g, 0a, +7 4PIM

Dalton Carter 93' FWD 6' 190lbs Team Toledo, Sylvania U18, Sylvania Northview  NAHL Kalamazoo K-Wings to AJHL Norther Cyclones  18 games, 6 G, 4 A, 10pts, 24PIM

Ross Roberson 93 D 6'5" 235lbs Sylvania Northview AJHL Laconia Leafs  3 Games

Austin Gryca 94 G 5'9" 160lbs Team Toledo/ Sylvania Northview, MJHL Laconia Leafs
Games 18 Shots 571, Saves 507, GAA 3.56, Sv% .897

Nate Gay 94 6'4" 205lbs Sylvania u18, BGHS  NA3HL Toledo Cherokee 3 games, 88 shots, 78 saves, 10 goals against, GAA 3.33, SV%.876
Previous team MJHL Twin City NortherLights Games 8, 152 shots, 141 saves, GAA1.41, SV%.928

Ben Torchia 93'Fwd 5'10" 170lbs Team Toledo-Toledo St Francis, AJHL Laconia Leafs 13 games 1g 1A 2pts and 28PIM transfer to NA3HL Toledo Cherokee 7 games 3 G 4 A 7 PTS -2 28 PIM

Kyler Omey 94 D 5'10" 170lbs Sylvania u18, Sylvania Northview 27 games 2 G, 6 A, 8 pts, +4, 22PIM

Layne Martin 93 5'11" 165lbs FWD, Team Toledo, Findlay HS- From MJHL Dells Ducks 6 Games 3g 3A 6pts  2pim transfer to NAHL Soo 7games, 1 g 1A 2 PTS

Nathan Opblinger 93 FWD 6' 185lbs GOJHL Leamington 18games, 9g, 10A 19pts, 8PIM

Austyn Roudebusch 93' G 6'2" 180 lbs Team Toledo- Whitmer HS, GOJHL Leamington 14games 341 shots, 303 saves Save %.886

Jacob Green 94' D 6'1" 165lbs  Olentangy Orange HS, NA3HL Cleveland games 20 0G, 2A 2pts +1 8PIM
Josh Eubank 94' FWD 6'4" 205lbs Sylvania U18 to Wooster MnJHL 31 games 17 goals 20 a 37pts