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Monday, March 11, 2013

Congratulations Shaker's RED RAIDERS! 2012-2013 Champions

Where to begin?
The UGLY.  NATION WIDE ARENA AND OHSSA.  You are the worst groups to host this event possible.  Again the arena is LIFE SUCKING VOID, it is a god aweful venue for this event.  Its to god damn big, and in the wrong part of the state.  Then you add in the bullshit NAZI staff that kill the minimal sized student sections ( they fill 1/18th of the venue combined) forced to sit in one bad section, so the cameras can give the APPEARANCE of a large arena filling crowd.  STOP, STOP ruining this experience for the ATHLETES that have earned it.  Move the games to PROPERLY SIZED Venues,  Miami Ohio, Bowling Green, Hobart, The Garden, Covelli Center, Kent State, even Bird Arena.  These games deserve the best, the players and fans deserve the best.  Bigger, NHL is not the best as it IL suited to scope of the event.  Those teams who qualify next  year, if a proper venue is not reserved, need to reach a gentleman's agreement and play the games elsewhere, even if that means the state wont recognize the outcome.  This has to end.

Congratulations to the Red Raiders!  You did it.  You came out played  great game and it paid off.  Patience.  That is what won the day.  Taking what the Wild Cats would give you, and capitalizing on mistakes.  The Red Raiders were cool, calm and collected.  Even when LaPlant came in and fired his answering goal, for the well placed on the ice shot that Greenberg slid past Marsh at 3:02.  The Raiders remained calm.  Then big gun d man for Northview DeWitt was caught with his partner in a change making an aggressive and well timed play for the puck.  But unsuccessful as Siwik and Longman came in on Marsh.  A Northview back checker on his belly trying to make a play, leaves Longman alone, as he undressed Marsh like a date on Prom night.  A move left, a move right and he left him in the middle of the night.  This point forward the game just tilts toward the Raiders.  The Wildcats try various changes and look for answers but find none.  In state finals every team needs things to go just perfectly to reach the game.  Then you need to not be your best, as you cant.  Your hurting, your bruised, your nervous, your excited.  You just need to be better than the other guy, in this moment.  Then in each moment of the game, each shift.   That is what wins titles.  That is what has always won titles, and that is what won this title!  Congratulations Raiders! Trevor Carl, Johnathan GreenBerg, Nick Hartman, John Longman, Jacob Shick, Connor Siwik, and Joey Yoder.  You, Sr's have brought your School a great title and have an amazing for the rest of your lives.  Live large and relish the moment.