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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ohio High School Prospects rankings

In ranking Ohio's prospects I use the following System:
A+= Tier I JrA- NCAA D1 prospect
A =Tier I Jr A or Tier II impact, Tier III EJHL.  D1-D3 prospect
B+=   Tier II top 4-9 Fwd 4-7d Tier III EjHL-Empire  AAA  
B= Tier II Tier III Impact who if not over age could be well advised to polish his game in AAA
B-= Tier III Role Player, AAA

A+ 2 total
1. Patric Spellacy-  Forward.  Team Cleveland St. Ignatius. # 8.  Size and Speed required to succeed  in a USHL- BCHL environment, under the right transitional conditions, even has Major Jr upsides.  His hockey IQ is equal to the challenges as is his nose for the net and quality of shot.  Paddy being 6'4" and 210lbs is quite explosive for his considerable size, he has a soft touch and uses his size and abilities to posess the puck very well.  His size, balance and strength make him  hard to knock off the puck but will need compensate at the next level for players more skilled. His physical composition needs much development, and a serious off ice training regimen.  His game does suffer where and when he is afforded little to no space, and with his size he has far to much avoidance of the hard areas.   He can and does shoot make use of his  quick hard shot from anywhere and every where on the ice.  Spellacy has the skill and potential to  find himself playing for a quality USHL - BCHL team next year and developing, or as instantaneous impact player in the NAHL-EJHL-OJHL.   BGSU, Miami, and Ohio State should be paying close attention to this home grown talent.  I can however easily see plugging Paddy in to  an  Irish line up some day.

2. Zach Felser.  Position C-Fwd.  Sylvania Northview #27  Height 5' 9" 150lbs, shot right.   Zach has a pair the most edges I have ever seen, tied to a set of hands that will leave NHL scouts drooling.  Zach has a considerable lack of size.  That is if your looking banger, a role that is his.  This kids hockey skills and sense are unreal.  He is fast, he goes to hard areas, he battles, he has a physicality to his game.  But Felser's game is about having the puck on his tape.  When it is, its a thing of beauty, like emerging from black and white to a world of color.  He skates and handles the puck in space, but is utterly amazing when there is none.   He twists would be defenders inside out, or forces them leave more gap.  He shoots, he passes hard and crisp.  He generates offense, in droves. 

A 7 total
1. Austin Gryca.  Position Goalie.  Sylvania Northview.  #30 .  Height 5' 10" 165lbs  Gryca is playing better than ever.  Most all the roughness in his style is gone.  Hard crisp movements, out standing angles and compact economy of motion.  I have been saying and am proud to say he is the best goalie every from Ohio.  His athletic Hybrid style is reminiscent of MSU captain and NCAA title winner Jeff Lerg.  Austins development under coach Snyder exploded.  Austin  has been found further tweaking his game by taking advantage of Post to Post goalie schools, where Jeff Lerg is a co-founder and instructor of Austin.  Gryca has the on and off ice work ethic, attitude and coach ability teams need in net at the JR level.  Austin will have a  positive impact in either a Tier 1 league or thrive in the NAHL.  End of the day he keeps pucks out of the net.

2. Michael Abood- Forward #8 Cleveland St. Ignatius-  Michael has speed, hands and the craftiness expected in a forward ready to make a transition to Jr hockey.  Michael plays a strong game both offensively and defensive.  Does not shy away from the physical game or the hard areas. Will use his explosiveness to make plays, in all 3 zones.  With the puck he takes every inch the opposition gives him. 

3. Dalton Carter- Forward/Defense #25  Dalton is a big strong utility man.  Equally at home on the blue line, or at his primary role of fwd.  Dalton has made dramatic improvements to his skating and the over all impact to his game has been monumental. He needs to continue that commitment to improvement.  His hands and ability to posses the puck are solid.  His hockey IQ is good and developing, while facing new more robust challenges.  Dalton's single greatest attribute is his shot.  It is accurate and  consistently the hardest shot in the state.  Dalton moves the puck crisply and smartly.  He is driven to produce, demanding of himself. His leadership role is very evident, in both his approach to the game and with his team.

4. Liam Geither- Forward Cleveland St Ignatius #12.  A swift skater, with a good fore-check and instinctive shooting.

5. Brady Storer- Defense (offensive Defense) #21 5'10" 175lbs  good skating, good gap good offensive presence and loads of timely physicality.  Good hard shot selection, and good defensive awareness.  Extremely rare to see turned.  A d1 prospect no holds barred

B+ 4 total 
1. Cody Estrell Forward Sylvania Northview #12 SOPHOMORE 5' 9"  170lbs

2. Tyler DeWitt utility-D/f/enforcer Sylvania Northview#5  Junior 5' 11" 195lbs  a monster, formidable size, and strength.  Great frame and filling out nicely.  DeWitt has to work more those first 3 steps and being more explosive.  While fighting is not allowed in HS hockey as a method of dealing cheap shots or for momentum.  Tyler has adapted and plays with in the rules and pounds his opponents with massive timely picture perfect body checks. He just has the instincts to keep his team safe. Tyler keeps a clean house when back in the defensive zone.  He wins his battles and moves the puck.  His speed is good, his skating is good.  He spent time as F this year and was strong presence on the fore-check.  That in turn accelerated his puck handling and sense of time.  He can do both, but I find him at his best on the blue line.

B  10 total
5.  Ian Rapp- Forward, Toldeo St. Johns #9, 1996.  Impressive out of the gate.  Good hockey sense, and two way intensity.  He is adjusting well to the HS game, and we are just now seeing him rediscovery his creativity and flow.  Ian is a much watch young player.

6. Mike Palasics- Forward, Padua #8

7. Christopher Day- Defense, St. Edwards #3