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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rocky River or smooth sailing?

Going over my notes while putting  the finishing touches on what will end up being, not a mid season scouting report, but this seasons only partial public listing of Ohio's Top prospects.  I was not able to meet my self imposed Jan 1 deadline, for personal reasons.  Assembling that list, however;  it came more clear to me why I have had strong feelings about the direction this program is taking.  POINTS.  As I watch players, I often miss the larger game, wins and losses are not why I am there.   I am there to see players and the game issue get lost in the shuffle.  At any rate it is worth noting as teams are living in the shawdows of St. Ignatius and Sylvania Northview, that Rocky Rivers: Max Lurie, Eric Sperli and Tyler Harkins have combined for 86 points so far this season.  Those points come on 38 goals and 36 Assists.  Leading Greater Cleveland in all three statistics. 
Now while we all know nothing in the Greater Cleveland hockey scene is ever smooth sailing, my hat is off in salute to this years team efforts by Rocky River and to these three aggressive forwards.  I hope to see this team grow and really make some noise in this the waning weeks of the season.  Hard to believe isnt it?  The season is on the downhill run now, any stumbles or errors will magnifiyed as Novemenber and Decembers games just faint memories.
The potential for "upsets" grows stronger by the day, as we now face key rivalry games.  Games that make or break momentum.