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Monday, February 25, 2013

Raise your glass and lets all toast....

The great state of Ohio's high school hockey players!  It is Feburary 25 2013.  We are heading in to the golden days of the season!

Today at 1930 will be one of the more exciting tilts.  The Shaker Red Raiders battle for pride with Walsh, at Kent State.  I called for a Shaker Vs. Lake final...ops Lake was the looser to Gilmore in a 2-0 final.  I did say the odds favor Walsh and they do, but I like my Red Raiders!  They just need take the ice with the confidence that has at times eluded them in big games.  The other side of this coin is the 2/26 game at 1930 in Kent State.  U School and Gilmour.  Im going with Gilmour
I still think the Red Raiders can win it all and Im holding to it.  Shaker to States.

Brooklyn fires up on 2/26 as Iggy and Rocky River square off.  I had high hope for Rocky River this year, they seem to have been hot enough all year, but they need a shot of the bottle and play till the clock runs out to pull out this up set.  Edy and Holly Name.  The experience is with last years state final loosers St. Eds over Holly Name.  A nasty battle here, you can see this going either way Eds heated up and Holly Name playing solid.  Holly Name and Iggy final with Iggy headed to States

Sylvania, Oh Sylvania.  The best team in the State today, St. Johns playing the defending state champions.  The teams split in the regular season, and St. Johns played a great game against NWHC returning to the stage Bobcats.  Northview took Findlay down in a game where I figured the Trojans would again rake havoc in the district semis.  So, we have Toledo St. Johns and Sylvania.  Im still playing to the odds State Title Favorite Titans.  The Titans have goal-tending, solid D and the same offensive depth Sylvania had last year.  Sylvania has more hit than miss goal-tending, but its not perfect.  The d is solid when out of the box, and the scoring is there, with some big guns.
it will be a wild game. on 3-2.

Columbus.  Orange is out.  My pick is again out.  We have Dublin Jerome playing Olentangy Liberty.
I have to go with Liberty.  They seemed to carry this season with broad shoulders and desire.  Not saying Jerome is any kind of slouch team, they just were 3rd in my models all year and having upset Orange just doesn't carry them over the hump.  Regardless of who wins, none of the teams from Capital Conference are fairly up to the challenge.  It is shameful on the part of the OHSSA to behold this everyone's a winner mentality.  It is long over due but common sense changes need to be made in the name of competition.