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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Totally tublar dude

The Green Wave riders of Holy Name, took 5 extra sets last night.  Four complete extra's and one partial, to down the last standing member of the Brothers of the Holy Cross schools.  Gilmour, and St Ignatius fell out earlier. 
Welcome to the big surf competition. 
The question for Holy Name is will they drop in like Kelly Slater and have a killer ride
or will they look far more like this guy.... much as like pirate talk, and the intrigue of a potential all public state final four, it wont happen.  Here is why...aside from St. Johns over in Cleveland having been the #1 ranked Team in the state all season.
Holy Name has J. Bucell with 6 goals and 11 assits for 17pts and ranked 7th among league scorers, as their top gun.  Rocky River has E Sperli at 13 goals and 6 assist for 19 pts, 4th in scoring as their leading plunderer.  Holy Name has J. Meehan at 9 goals and 6 assist for 15pts, ranked 10th.  Rocky River has B DeLano at 3 goals, 9 assists for 12 pts and K. Kopechek at 5 goals and 5 assists for 10 pts ranked 15th and 18th respectively. Yet even with those guns, season goals for tips to Holy Name. The defense for the two teams Holy name has given up 185 shots this year and surrendered 10 goals.  Surfer Sam Pikus has a .94 save %.  Rocky River has surendered 226 shots, sundered 20 goals and deckhand Jake Nicholson has a .92 save %.  Those numbers drop in favor of our surfers at Holy Name as well.  Better D, better goalie in the smallest of margins.  What is deal breaker for Pirates in my book is the head to head this season.  Holy name 8 goals for and 3 agaist.  That is it.  Game one a close 4-3 Holy Name win and the second a 4-0 rout.  The experience and confidence in this series is in the hands of Holy Name.
By Order of the Lord thy God, the Plundering Stops

While sweeping a team any team in the regular is great, it comes with some expense.  You only have to win this one game.  This one game, that's it.  Rocky River need only be well coached and play their perfect game to loot the chapel.

  Scouting Ohio Hockey's final Rankings published Feb 4th 2013
1. St. Johns- odds of a title win 1-1
2. Walsh- odds of title win 4-1
3. Shaker- odds of title win 10-1
4. Orange- odds of title win 27-1
5. St. Ignatius odds of title win 5-1
6. Holy Name odds of title win 24-1
7. Sylvania Northview- odds of title win 30-1
8. Liberty odds of title win 50-1

Who we have left and what it looks like today
1. St johns even money
2. Sylvania Northview 7-1
3. Shaker 8-1
4. Holy Name 8-1
5. Rocky River 15-1
6. U.S 15-1
7. Liberty 20-1
8. Jerome 23-1
odds of an Public final...humm 14-1?