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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Red Raiders Rolling. Shaker Heights beats Walsh 5-3

The Red Raiders defeated Walsh last evening.  The game puck had to go to the Red Raiders leading scorer Siwiki, who netted a HAT TRICK!  Congratulations.  The other pair of lamp lighters came from Longman and J. Shick.  The Red Raiders have reached the district finals to face Gilmour or US.  That game is played this evening at 1930 at KSU.

I had several emails asking me why Northview can not win against St. Johns in the Sylvania District finals.  Stating this or that and mostly that the league games were split and that Sylvania has momentum.  So I will lay it all out as to why Northview cant win.
1. Last team to repeat State Titles was St Edwards in 2004, then in 2005.  Prior to that Bowling Green High School won three in a row, 1997, 1998, 1999.  Before that St. Ed's won three in a row 1994,1995,1996.  The team to repeat before that was Padua.  A Padua team which I would like to point out, had Brian Holzinger on the roster in the 1988 and 1989 title wins.  Who then went on to be drafted 124th by the Buffalo Sabres NHL and the marched right to BGSU where he won a Hobey Baker.
2. Reality.  ST. Johns has 179 goals for, and 63 against  Vs. Sylvania 150 goals for and 63 goals against

3.  Head to head  St. Johns has 4 goals for 1 against.  Northview has 1 Goal for and 4 against.

4.  In League play  St Johns has 6 of the leagues top 20 scorers.  Northview has 4

5. The St Johns Top scorers total 34 goals, 67 Assists for 101 points
    The Northview top scorers       19 Goals, 42 Assist for 61 points

6 St. Johns top 6 scorers in the league are 1, 2,3, 8,10 and 20
Northview top 4 scorers in the league are 4,7,9 and 17

7. The nod in goal tending goes to Barrett at St. Johns

8.  The nod on experience goes to Northview.  Where by experience I mean that which comes from a winning culture.  All of the current Sr.s at Northview have an association with the 2009 runner up at states, and the wining season in years prior.  Add in the years since 2009 and the 2012 Title, and Northview is a head here.

The real question is how do you add it up?
I look at the head to head and season consistency and that Northview doesn't match up.
Should you like the intangibles you look at the winning culture, the 1-0 win over St. Johns and dont see 40pts of production as a  deficit.