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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Felser now tied for #1 spot in EHL scoring.

There are many ways for the Junior hockey player to establish they kind of player he is, and what he brings to the NCAA and Professional table.  All defined by position, and role.  Zach Felser is a goal scorer and play-maker, adding 2 goals and assit lastnight agaisnt cross town rival Philadelphia Jr Flyers.  Now just three games into the long season.  Felser is tied for first place in scoring.  His 10 points having come from 4 goals and 6 assist, in three games.  The rest of the top 10 have 5 games or more.  The 5'9" 165lb forward is fortunate to playing for a coach who had watched him grow, push and develop.  Coach Russo, formerly of the Amarillo Bulls NAHL, has pushed Felser more, pushing him to push others.  Playing on line centered by former Toledo St Johns standout, and long time team mate Austin Kelly (4goals, 2 assist, 6 pts) and Waterford Mi native Jesse McIntyre (3 goals, 3 Assist 6 pts) makes this a prototypical east coast, Hockey East caliber line.  with average height of 5'9 3/4" and weights of 173lbs.  The speedsters have explosiveness, vision and hockey sense.  All being maximized in a system where they are able truly uses those skills to exploit the opposition.
The Ohio-Michigan connection line, is racking up numbers, and attention.  Attention that will surely aid in some no longer wondering what is happening in the Ohio Hockey scene, but coming to see first hand.  Making moves of their own, creating competition and ultimately opportunity for these rising stars, who shall follow in their footsteps.  Not every 6.7 years.  But with much great frequency, and hopefully as Ohio's HS graduate some, may do so having already earned a commitment from and NCAA program, a commitment that will aid in opening doors of development.  Commitments like that will only come from time spent by the schools themselves watching from the stands, or remotely on web sites like fast hockey, should the Ohio HS's take the time to order the services.