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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Zach Felser earns EHL honors

Following each weekend every league posts league honors / recognitions for the Teams and players from the previous weekend.   In his junior hockey debut,  the Philadelphia Little Flyers, and Zach Felser earned the #1 spot.   The link to the EHL web site is preceded by a copy of that write bellow.

New York Bobcats vs. New York Applcecore.  It's not really the Battle of Long Island since that name was claimed in 1776 when the British drubbed the Americans in the Revolutionary War.  Oh yeah ... and New York Applecore moved from the Island to Brewster, N.Y., a few years ago.  It's not really a re-kindling of a once-fierce rivalry since Applecore and the New York Bobcats have never played in the same Junior league.  But everybody assumed these two teams would immediately form a spirited -- maybe even grudge-filled -- rivalry.  They did not disappoint.  They split one-goal games last weekend with the home team claiming the victory each night.  Plenty of PIMs but plenty of playoff-like intensity.  Don't miss their future dates.
Parity.  With a new league name and six new organizations joining the EHL ranks, most clairvoyants and Tarot card readers were having trouble identifying how the mix of teams would acquit themselves on the ice.  With EHL teams having played between one and seven games, there is only one winless squad and four undefeated teams.  Three of the four undefeated teams have played two or fewer games.  On any given night ... NCAA scouts will witness a competitive game.
High-scoring trio of Northern Cyclones players – Chris Zuccaro, Grant Gallo and Kevin Valenti – waited until third week of season to get into action but burst on the 2013-14 campaign by leading Cyclones to 6-0 (Boston Jr. Rangers) and 7-2 (Valley Jr. Warriors) victories.  Zuccaro put up 1-7-8 numbers in those two game, Gallo managed 5-1-6 numbers from his blueline post and Valenti split his contribution with 3-3-6 totals.
Philadelphia Revolution’s Riley Egan led his team to its first win of the season – a 7-1 shellacking of Washington – by factoring on five of the seven goals.  He talled twice and added three assists to get the Revolution into the win column.
The Philadelphia Little Flyers kicked off their season last week and jumped out to a 2-0 record by scoring 11 goals and only giving up two. Zach Felser has carried a big load offensively with three assists in the 5-0 win over Washington and two goals and two assist in the 6-2 win over the Titans.