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Thursday, October 31, 2013

NAHL Novemeber 1 top ten

 The North American League is a tier II Jr hockey league that spans from Johnstown PA as the eastern most member.  Traveling west and south to Texas, West and North to Alaska, and the midwest.  Teams are broken in to four division, as regionally as possible and the current snap shot of those teams, and standings is
When you look at the snap shot you can see all the results.  To best understand the bellow projection I have taken in to account.  Team roster moves, historical strength of division, current strength of division, and overall team power.  It is safe to assume that in the final moments of the season, in each division most of these current leaders will be players.  In the South Amarillo is an on going powerhouse, same with Topkea and this year Wichita got an early jump.

1. Kenai - MidWest,  big Game stretch here for the bears.  Austin, Fairbanks, Wichita Falls, and three at home against the Wilderness heading in to thanksgiving.  Make no mistakes about these next 9 games are your in depth preview of this years Robertson Cup.
2. Minnesota Wilderness- Mid West, Former Sylvania Northview Center and 2010 Ohio HS state Runner up Nolan Culver join the Wilderness following the Blain Show case and has the begin of solid season.  The Wilderness have the best goalie and d in the NAHL proff positive the 1.25 GAA and the league leading 100% penalty kill, should the Wilderness show the same home winning consistancy on the road.  A ROAD that has on a plane to Alaska to play Fairbanks twice and Kenai 3 times to end the month.  Should they pull out a fair win percentage, they should be in at the end, and I presume if not in the Robertson cup in their inaugural season, one game shy.
Strong scoring distribution illustrates the overall depth of the team as does the rolling of lines.  Minnesota while not ranked #1 is playing like it, and they may just prove it with games against Austin, Fairbanks and Kenai heading in to the holliday.
3. Austin-Central, the Central I believe offers some the greatest gap in tallent levels in the NAHL.  That disparity will make it hard for good teams to be great.
4. Port Huron-North, hands down favorite to win the North.  Inagural year awesome, big troubles in year two have again brought about calmer water and stability in year this year allowing for quality play.
5.Amarillo-South, Connor Frey of 2011 Ohio HS State Champions St. Francis calls the Bulls home and is having a solid season. The bulls have swept Langers road runners to this point this season, in Topkea's barn and there is no reason not to at least expect split in the Bulls back yard.  The bulls start and end November with the Road Runers.
6. Wichita Falls-South, biggest battles between now and break are Rio Grand and Fairbanks.  The Fairbanks series will give us a good picture of how they fair out of division, against a very strong over all Central division.  Two head to head losses to Amarillo pretty much seal their fate, that they will not in time lead the division.  which again is why they trail the Bulls here.
7.Bismark-Central, has a hot rival Aberdeen team this month 3 times and division leader Austin 4 times.  The of the month may well illustrate the picture heading in to end of season play offs.
8.Topkea-South, Play the bulls and the South picture at the month should be Bulls on top, Topkea, Wichita.
9. Fairbanks-North, Always a contender in the final days.
10. Rio Grand Valley-South,