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Saturday, March 1, 2014

district Finals

District Finals,
A time when those who know how to use iron stand tall, and proud.  Theres a new sheriff in Cleveland, strong Lawmen.  The Brothers Okicki are in charge, and the first Team to catch the train to Columbus...Lake Catholic.
St. Ignatius has troubles with 3 gun slingers in housgou, for being weak minded fools.  Pat -Garet- O'Rouke has no time boys that are afable.  He and his gang head in to todays contest short. 
The Crusaders of Holy Name with blades of steel and the power of anchients will still have their hands full, but God  and pure hearts are on their side.
The titans have been at the alter, and dear say there are some who say Mike Hayes head lay squarly upon it with the axe of the execution elevated above his exposed neck.
The Zombie Cats are walking the earth and in these final days seem to have found the cure for their Apocalypse.  Some still say they look more like figure skaters, than a hockey team, but even those two fools in blades of Glory pulled it out in the end.