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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

BGSU 4 Notre Dame 1

BGSU is developing talent. They likely wont be a good first half, or first quarter team for a few more seasons. Yet, BGSU may just be one of the most dangerous teams in the CCHA right now. They are moving the puck well. They are seeing the ice well. They have solid goal tending. They are relentless, just battle and have far more skill than is apparent. As BG's third and fourth lines gain confidence with every shift, and the staff with them BG is acquiring depth.  Depth they lack at the start of every season. It is from this depth they are gaining the ability to play 3 periods with any team, any time, any where. It will not be a surprise to see BG knocking on the doors of the final CCHA  Mason Cup. A prize, which for the Falcons would be fitting, as it was under his own guidance that BGSU's era's of dominance began, so it would be only fitting that the final resting place for the Mason Cup, be with the CCHA's, own Ron Mason founding Falcons.

I know this is a bit out what I normally put up here on the site.  You must understand, that I was at last weeks BGSU's Win over Niagra, last weeks upending of the Wolverines, and now at this dismantling of the Irish.  As my son comented " if you put a big red tomatoe on top of Jackson suit, you would not mis seeing his face, its that red."  That red, all night, in fact " Jeff, you may need to visit your Dr....seriously, that's just not healthy." 
Now I know schools like the Irish put a lot, I mean a lot into their pregame scouting and prepairations.  I am just shocked. Shocked by how the Irsih played.  They had to know BGSU goalie Andrew Hammond's GAA is at its lowest when teams are crashing the net and him.  He just gets off on it.  Yet they dumped him twice each period.  The Falcons skated with a level of determination and skill that the had last year in thier run to the Joe.  A level of skill they had in the glory days of the greats that graced ice.  BGSU is back friends, and now is the time to secure seats, for as they enter the new WCHA you can bet on one thing.  Lots of NCAA appearances.
BGSU is up against another solid Western MI squad this weekend.  Friday @ BGSU, Saturday @ Western.  A quality weekend for the Falcons would be taking half these points as Western is coming off a split with Lake State.  BGSU will then be at Miami, hosting the Lakers ( a sweep would be solid), home and home with MSU ( again Sweepable), at Ferris ( a likely split based on history) hosting Northern ( a likely split) then finishing at the Irish.  BG is in posiiton to host a first round game best I figure, and last year battled all the way to the CCHA final, and nearest in a long time NCAA birth.