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Monday, January 7, 2013

Ohio High School Hockey Rankings Jan 7 2013

There was a substantial amount of action over the weekend.  Still to come tonight is a tilt between Toledo St. Francis and Bowling Green.   St. Johns knocked off the Sylvania Wildcats, Olentangy Orange toppled Olentangy Liberty in the "Thrilla at the Chilla",  on the 4th Rocky River and Hudson play to a tie, then Rocky River Falls to Holy Name 4-3.  St. Ignatius Downs US 2-1.....So just where does that set the new stage?

Jan 7th 2013
1. Toledo St. Johns 8-0 in NW Ohio League hosting Sylvania Northview Jan 11th
2. Cleveland St. Ignatius  hosting Lake Catholic on the 12th and  at Shaker on the 26th
3. Walsh Jesuit - at Mentor on the 11th, and at Hudson on the 12th
4. Olentangy Orange -hosting Worthington on the 11th and at St. Charles on the 12th.  Time to move up to Red guys.
5. Sylvania Northview at Toledo St Johns Jan 11, hosting Findlay Jan 12
6. Rocky River- at Padua Jan 13th,  at Mentor Jan 25
7. Shaker Heights Big battle with St Ed's on Jan 11 then hosting Strongsville on the 13th
8 Olentangy Liberty- At Dublin Coffman Jan 11th then at Dublin Jerome Jan 12 to tough games.
* Holy Name is nearly cracked in here, on a three game win streak and ever so close. They play Padua on Jan 11 and Hudson on Jan 13.

History and how things are stacking up. 
2011-2012 Northview Wildcats Championship team 32-1-3 Goals For 167 Goals Against 49
2010-2011 Toledo St Francis Knights Championship Team 34-4-1 Goals For 208 Goals Against 82*
2009-2010 Cleveland St. Ignatius Championship Team 30-7-3  Goals For 157 Goals Against 68

Toledo St. Johns 19-5-0          Goals For 116 Goals against 39
Sylvania Northview 14-5-0    Goals For 97 Goals Against 39,
Cleveland St. Ignatius 13-6-3 Goals For 74 Goals Against 45
Shaker heights  13-4-0           Goals For 80 Goals Against 25
Olentangy Orange 14-5-0       Goals For 91 GOals Against 40
Olentangy Liberty 13+3-5       Goals For 93 Goals Against 37

Rankings  1-2-2013
1. Toledo St Johns averaging 5.27 GF/Game and 1.31 GA/game
2.Shaker Heights Consistency and no winning culture established are concerns
3. Rocky River 
4 Olentangy Liberty It is my firm belief that this will come down to a battle between Orange and Liberty
5. Sylvania Northview -every indication at this juncture that this years State Champion will again be from North West Ohio, in a battle between Toledo St Johns and Northview.  
6. Walsh Jesuit some key wins bump them up to crack in to the rankings by .023 .
7. St. Edwards
8. Olentangy Orange