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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friday night 1-11-13 action

The story from the Northwest Ohio  Red Division is the rematch between the St. Johns Titans and the Northview Wildcats.  As you read in last weeks posting, the Titan beheaded the Wildcats in a comanding 4-0 shut out win.  This weekend is a different tail. 

The Titans came out on fire in the first period and dominated the pace, the play and out shot the Wildcats quite handily.   They did not find the twine, neither did the Wildcats.  I will also point out that both teams, in both games and honestly threw this whole season have had no physical presences what so ever.  This may well be in part to the god awful officiating, where the stripes call contact to the head on ever hit.  Understandably, that is a dangerous play.  But in all but two of those calls I have witnessed has their been any.  Contact to the head is NOT when the player being checked, has his snap forward into the should of the checker.  It IS if a checker leads and makes first contact to the head, period.  A check from behind, is NOT when a player turns at the last moment, but when we see hit like Shaker heights put on a BGHS player.  This is reportedly his second offense, and should be eliminated from all future contest.  Off my little rant,  now and back on track, it is clear that both the Wildcats and Titan struggle in the physical game, and when tested physically have struggled.

Dew,  the Sylvania Northview goalie played well enough last night to garner a shut out, but the better goalie was in the SJJ net.  Having shut down numerous quality chances by himself!  Top D lastnight for me was # 20 Junior Baily Bregitiam for the Wildcats.  He has a great frame, good mobility, speed, and puck possesion.  Best I figure at this point both of these teams will be far and a way defensivily set for next year with stables of quality JR D men.  Both have sound vetran goalies to return.  A fair amount of Forwards.  What seems to be eluding the Wildcats this year, is a natural goal scorer.  They just strugle even presented with quality chances, and rarely have numbers getting to the net.  St Johns has goal scorers, and always gets numbers at the net.

while in no way was it an  impressive, nor dominating win for the Wildcats and their armada of coaches.  It was in fact a win.  Thus setting the stage for the North West playoffs.  That snap shot should look like this
1.St. Johns                   2.Sylvania Northview
3. Findlay                    4. BGHS
There will of course be the obligatory, dangerous and unacceptable mess of these teams having to face the likes of Springfield, Freemont, etc..   It is ridiculous, considering the large and honestly insurmountable gap with in the state between the elite teams and none.  The States coaches need to say enough is enough and end this madness.  Two TITLES befitting two clearly identifiable levels of play need to be established.  Is it going to take a serious, and potentially life threatening injury to bring upon this change?

Shaker and St. Eds played a nice tilt last-night, a win that really commemorates the rise of the Red Raiders.   The Riaders goals came off the tape of Joey Yoder, Connor Siwik,  Jacob Shick, and John Longman.  The 4-3 win and 28 shots on net is a great step forward in finalizing the look we will see from Cleveland in the playoffs.   What is the danger for Raiders moving forward?  Still working on establishing that winning culture, that takes more than two good seasons.  Defensiveily the Raiders D play soft, with two much gap and indecision in the offensive zone, which lead to giving up quality chances, on Eric Sterner who tightens up in the big games having only a .86 Save percentage and 3.25 GAA.  For Shaker to not only reach the State Finals, but make it out of districts he is going to have get better, and the team in front of him will have to sacrifice some bodies, as their numbers on blocked shots are not good enough.

Tonight's Walsh and Hudson game will be effects as Hudson and Walsh both need this win for the same reason.  To establish themselves.  It is going to a fun one to watch.

Capital play last night found Orange idle in league play.  Liberty however ripped Coffman a new one, I am guessing the Coffman players all are now inked with a property of Liberty tattoo.  The 5-1 rout makes it clear, no one in the Capital conference and hang either team.  Orange is playing St. Charles tonight, and Orange can not afford to let up, and needs to dismantle them.