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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22 2013 Ohio High School Rankings

 In order to have a good begining, its important I feel to see where have been.  So here are our rankings from  1-14-2013
1. Toledo St. Johns
2. Shaker Heights Red Raiders
3. Walsh Jesuit
4. Olentangy Orange

5. Sylvania Northview Wildcats
6. St. Ignatius Wildcats
7. Hudson
8. Olentangy Liberty

This weeks rankings are * again based upon in large the current play off structure.  The top four are your likely state semi final teams.  We do however see some interesting movement, with Hudson jumping up to 3rd and Walsh sliding.  But more interesting, is that Sylvania Northview has slid to 7th. While still the models clear Northwest Ohio's likely runners up. Should they manage to up end the Titans in district play, there is no model that shows the Wildcats repeating a state Championship.  So Sylvania fans should enjoy the banner raising at Tamoshanter this Saturday, as it may be a while before the next one.   Sylvania is just incapable of keeping pucks out of their net, and incapable offsetting that with what is only acceptable scoring up front. 
1. Toledo St Johns Titans
2. Shaker Heights Red Raiders
3. Hudson
4. Olentangy Orange

5. Walsh Jesuit
6. St. Ignatius
7 . Sylvania Northview
8. Olentangy Liberty.

Top eight teams in the state * again these are the best 8 High School programs in the state, calculated mathematical as to how they would likely finish based upon a quality playoff system where each divisions champ, stayed home, and hosted one teams from each of the remaining 3 districts, allowing the top 4 teams from each district to play in a "sweet 16" in stead of just granting passage to each districts champ to states, considering how weak some districts are as a whole, but still granting play off spots to those teams and the opportunity to earn their way.

1. Toledo St. Johns
2. Shaker Heights
3. Walsh Jesuit
4. Hudson
5. St. Ignatius
6. Rocky River
7. Sylvania Northview
8. University School.

Big games this weekend:
1. Husdon at Walsh 5:45 pm at Kent State.  This game has huge implications as a win by Hudson will  solidify their position in that top four
2. 1-26 Is another big game, huge.  Shaker and St. Ignatius.  Have the Red Raiders cultivated enough of a winning tradition, and the confidence to up end the Wildcats and solidfy themselves at top the Cleveland teams?