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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Championship

Quite the day of hockey at the black hole (Nationwide know the arena used to house 20,000 cheering NHL fans with a 110db audio system.  That is grossly over-sized for Ohio HS hockey's 2000-3000 fans. )  The High Noon draw was an epic battle.  It went down as well as a movie scripted action thriller.  Ed's experience and prowess showed why they are the top team coming out of Cleveland.  Falling behind by 2 did not phase this crew.  They stuck with their game and played on.  Played on to 3 unanswered goals to win the day. 

The 3pm tilt saw the new comers Olentangy Orange and Sylvania Northview.   Sylvania just owned the day.  Shooting at will, and preventing all but one quality scoring chance which was still foiled.  This was great for the Capital District new comers.  A lot of experience comes from this first run.  A first run in only 4 years of hockey.  I expect to see this crew contending on a regular basis.  Sylvania advances.

Game time...11am.