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Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Dear Hockey Player" =spam

I am sure you have all received emails that speak to you as "Hockey Player".  So why would you give your money to some one who did not take the time to know your name?  The letter surely also includes some lingo to the effect that you have been recommended.  Really?  By whom?  I have scoured every scouting resource, up to and including the central scouting lists.  Would you believe there is not one Hockey Player on those lists.  Hard to imagine.  LoL

Listen, we all want the best for our kids.  But you have step back and have a few moments of pause along the way.  We live in a day and age where any half wit coach can get his grubby hands on a mailing list.  Because your player is a minor his name is not on that list.  (This actually far more hilarious when these young men are legal adults, playing AAA, D1 prep's, or Jr's with NCAA commitments ).  These letters go on to promise exposure to scouts and all the right things.  So ask yourself.  Why would you pay, lol..the low early bird registration participate in a try out for a showcase team.  That if you are then actually selected for, you must pay more to play on.  When you could just as easily work with an area coach, who knows the talent, and put a team together yourself and go play for less than half of what coach Half Wit is doing.  Have  a better more competitive experience.  The answer is simple, just say NO.  Did you ever respond to Ed McMahon's letters saying you won a millions....if you just respond to the letter?

So here you go.  People have asked.  What can we do?  So here are two 100% legit activities that deliver in droves.  Your dollar will be used for the enrichment of your player.  Operated by and associated with a long list of the best the sport has to offer.  They will develop, challenge,  and get any athlete not name Hockey Player, exposure. 

First Contact Hockey

Amateur Hockey Report Showcases (Buffalo, Detroit & Chicago)

I have referred to the above, because I have gone to watch players at these events over the years.  I families that have been and they just do not over promise.  I am not paid, by either organization.  I am just tired of seeing people get hustled, when all they are trying to do is help their child reach for their dreams.