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Friday, March 9, 2012

One on One- with Coach Tim Pennington Olentangy Orange

 Scouting Ohio High School Hockey is One on One with Coach Tim Pennington.  Coach Pennington and Olentangy Orange  are making thier first trip to states, and the program is only 4 years young!  Earning respect at every turn.  Lets dive in.

1.  What does this accomplishment to the school and community?

Coach Pennington-  We are such a young school, being only 4 years old, its starts to build a tradition.

2.  What do think this about your local youth programs and the steadily growing strength in your conference?

Coach Pennington-  The youth programs are doing well and any success we have will help contribute to that.

3.  I follow the www.Myhockeyrankings. com  In those  my hockey rankings your, Orange team is ranked 19th, with a PWR rating of 9.35.    Based on these numbers your boys are looking ahead at the toughest contests they have had all season.  Facing first the #2 ranked Sylvania Wildcats who have a PWR rating of 13.24, and potentially the winner of the #3 ranked St. Edwards and #4 ranked University School (PWR ratings 12.27 and 12.26 respectively.)  What are you doing to prepare your boys for these contests, having not seen any of these teams in the regular season?

Coach Pennington-  Like every other game we need to bring the effort on every shift to compete especially against the top ranked teams

4. Nationwide is a gigantic 21,000 arena.  I totally dislike the environment to the point where I do not hide calling it a life sucking void.  Nationwide is far to large a venue for these games.  Your team has  great fans, and great community support. That energy has really propelled your players.  What are you doing to cope with or to bring that energy with you?

Coach Pennington-  We have played regular season games there before so we are familiar with it.

5. This an extremely special moment for any team, any player, any coach and any fan.  For the Pioniers this has even more meaning, doesn't it?

Coach Pennington-  Yes, I would say so again because we are such a young school

6.  Early questions elude to you being the "underdogs".  Its been that way since Findlay and BGHS joined the NHC.  I believe the tag "underdog" is fueling your team to some degree, isnt it?  Even going 34-8-1.

Coach Pennington-  We relish the role of being the underdogs.

7.  Lets talk about your players, and since teams are built from the net out we start there.  You have had some exceptional goal-tending this season, what do you have to say about your goalies? 

Coach Pennington-  All 3 of our goalies have been excellent all year.  They are a big part of why we are here.

8. Goalies can not do it alone, a very respectable 72 goals against, and having shut out the likes of Gilmour, who leads this the blue liners for you?

Coach Pennington-  All of our defense contributes equally.  A true team effort out there.

9. 161 goals for.  161.  that is more than respectable, your forwards have put up points in all but one  contest.  Who are your FWD leaders, and looking ahead to the future, how many of these young men are returning next season?

Coach Pennington-  We feel that we have 3 lines that can score.  We lose a few guys this year but we have some talented underclassmen coming in next year

10. In looking at some numbers Sylvania has what many consider to be the best defense in the state.  Coupled with  a goal-tending tandem, that is allowing only 1.38 goals per game, and offense that is averaging 4.5 goals a game.  What have you seen on film, or heard?  Do you see some chinks in this Sylvania team that look ripe for the taking? 

Coach Pennington- I don't think I see any weakness in their game.  It will obviously be a tough task for us but we will give it our best shot

Coach thank you for you time on the eve of the semi final game.  I hope to spend some time with you and your program heading in to next season and get an inside like look at your Pioneers.