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Thursday, March 8, 2012

One on One

One on One with Sylvania Wildcats head coach Mike Jones

Coach Jones, thank you for taking the time to join me on the scoutingohiohighschoolhockey blog.

1.  Heading in to the weekends semi final round, your Wildcats are wearing a big bulls-eye.  Top seeded and heavily favored to win your school's first title.  You've been the dance once, in your short tenure at your alma mater.  Where you lost in the finals to St. Ignatius.  What are this weeks preparations like?

Coach Jones-  I don't know about heavy favorite by any stretch. There's four great teams going down there, we'll be fortunate just to be playing on Sunday.

2.  Sylvania is ranked 2nd in the  human poll, and more importantly 2nd in the Myhockey rankings with a pwr rating of 13.24.  A full point higher than any other team and 4pts higher than your semi final opponent Olentangy Orange.  Add in you hold a 3 pt average goal differential and have racked up 156 goals for against some stiff competition and only allowed 47 .  Are you and your staff confident heading in the to weekend?

Coach Jones-We don't pay attention to numbers. We're confident if we prepare well and give our best, we have as good a shot as any.

3.  Orange has to their credit taken ownership of the dark horse position this year.  They score, they block shots, and have proven they beat teams that on paper they just do not match up against.  Does this scare you, their ability to just win games?

Coach Jones-Of course it makes you think, that's one heck of a hockey club. As I stated earlier, we've got our hands full.

4.  What are you thinking its going to take bring home a state title to the NHC again this year?

Coach Jones-A lot of work mixed with a lot of luck.

5.  You would'nt be in this position with out this team, and teams are built from the net out, with a leading low 47 goals against we  start there.  Tell me about goal-tending and your goal-tending coaches?

Coach Jones-Two seniors that work hard and push each other. I have the luxury of having not one, but two goalie coaches that are the best in the state.

6.  Your a former blue-liner, with a lot of current experience at all levels with the modern defensive game.  A game, which seemingly only now people are giving the due credit to in all of hockey's circles as being the key component to low scores.  Not big goalies, athletic goalies, big goalie gear, or nets that are to small.  People are seeing its the blue-liners.  How deep is your defensive core?

Coach Jones- It's deep, deeper than we have slots for. If they do there thing, we'll be doing quite well.

7.  Forwards.  The guys who are most recognized for amassing the goals that win games.  The Wildcats have 156 heading in to the semi finals.  Not the most, or the least in the state as whole.  Your forwards are also noted for being your first line of defense.  Who are your leaders out there, and why are they so good in all three zones?

Coach Jones- They're all leaders because they've bought into their roles. It takes a unit of 12 up there.

Coach Jones best of luck this weekend to you and your Wildcats.  Thank you for your time.
John Holt