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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sylvania WINS first State Title and BGSU is in the CCHA semi finals at the Joe

Ed's 11 shots on goal and some 4 quality chances all turned away by Gryca.
Northview strikes first blood at 13:45 of the first period.  Sylvania Goal Estrel from Felzer, a goal that found the back of the net on the ice threw a gaping 5 hole.  
Ed's mounted a nice attack but to no avail.   As with 23 sec remaining Sylvania's Zach Felzer who drew the Eds goalie to him with his hard move right.  Then slides the puck over to a wide open back door man Estrel for his second of the game.   What a pair, what a line Koback ,Estrel and Felzer.  Hands vision skating and hockey sense.   Quite possible one of my favorites lines of all time.  This Sylvania team is really putting on a seminar of how quality youth programs, and coaching develop these skill players.

The second period had its ebb and flow, total shots at the end of two Eds 17 and Sylvania 1.
Sylvania  finds the net again.  Crandall, Carter & Laplant line was applying pressure.
This goal was exceptionally soft and was shot by drew Crandall right along the goal line.
Ed's goalie was  not any where near sealed up.   Showing why and how the puck goes in when you take shots, and why goalies have to be detail oriented.  We end the period with st Ed's appearing frustrate.

Taking a bad penalty is Geib.  I am personally frustrated by the no calls by the officials on St. Ed's players who are on every hit, and at every turn making hits to the heads of Sylvania players.  A lack of discipline, and sportsmanship.  Eds seemingly did little home work before this game as Sylvania is not easily rattled.  Brad Wadsworth stood up tall for his goalie as Ed's takes some unsporting post whistle swipes at Gryca.  Further sadness finds the fans doing some unmentionables, in the air of youth championship.  I love wild fans, but...  It is further evident that while Sylvania may only spend an hour and half a day on the ice, that their physical conditioning program is second to none.  Following a professional, modern hockey conditioning program that rivals that of NCAA d1 programs.  A year of sweat and pain is paying off in droves for this Jones team.

The third was all Eds on the attack trying repeat past performances. Ending with 31 shots on goal and finding the net twice.  Ed's comes up short well short in this contest.  The Eds team played as best they could, and reached the finals on a long road.  Not a favorite in any respect.  They played with grit and determination to reach the championship.  They were out witted and just plainly out skilled.  Sylvania enjoyed not only the best goalie tandem in the State, but the best goalie ever in the State with Austin Gryca, 4 year starter, and dare I say some insain defensive pairings and an all go no stop group of forwards. 

The wildcats are the best team ever in school history, and I would challenge in State as well.  Deep and skilled.  The names: Marsh, Koback, Geer, Omey, Dewitt, Koback, Mustapha, Sudlow, Estrel, Simon, Carter, Crandall, Wadsworth, Laplant, Rau, Foti, Easton, Storer, Galecki, Carter, Clement, Felzer, Gryca and Bowles.  Forever will be the names associated with this Championship.

Part two came later this evening.  Its some Ohio MOJO, but the BGSU Falcons back stopped by Andrew Hammond, and on the wings of Dan DeSalvo's hat trick are headed back to the JOE.  Playing in the CCHA semi finals.  The Falcons have been on fire since ending the CCHA season in last place.  Yes last place and on fire in the same sentence.  The CCHA has been the most competitive college conference this year, holding as many as 9 of the top 20 spots  at various times this season.  The Falcons play the University of Michigan on Friday the 16th A match up that is historically favorable to the Falcons.  Coach Bergeron is credited for playing a leading role in the creation of the current competitve Miami Red Hawks team.  A team which is lead by former Sylvania Northview star Alden Hirschfeld.  Hockey is just hot in Ohio.