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Sunday, December 8, 2013

A day remembered

December 7th 2013, Pearl Harbor Day.  Just 3 short years away from the 75th anniversary of the Japanese surprise attack, on the United States that left 2400 men, women, children dead, another 1178 injured.
4 Battle ships sunken, another 4 Battle ships badly damages.  3 heavy cruisers damaged, 3 destroyers sunk and 2 support vessels sunken.  The attack that brought the United States into World War 2.  A War that saw at its end 60,000,000 people die, 2.5% of the worlds population at that time.  On Dec 6th the USA had an estimated population of 131,031,000.  The ravages of war saw the United States loose 418,000 souls.
Why on a hockey blog?  I am grateful, for their sacrifices.  Sacrifices that if they had not been made, life as we know it would not be possible.  As we approach this the 75th aniversary those men and women of the greatest generation are in their twighlight.  1.9 BILLION men and women fought in the great war.  By current accounting there are but a scant million remaining. By 2022 it is believed none will remain.  We need to keep this memory each year, and give thanks to those fought for freedom.

December 7th scores
St Johns Titans beat Findlay in shoot out 3-2, Lake Catholic over Erie Catholic 5-3, St Ignatius over Walsh 3-1,  U.S over Pine Richland 6-0, U.S over Culver Varsity A 1-0, Gilmour over erie Cathedral 7-6 ot, Gilmour falls to Holy Ghost 2-1, St Eds over Hillfield (CA) 3-1, St eds falls to Star Point 4-1, Shaker over Strongsville 5-1, Rocky River vs Mentor Postponed due to football.