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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The night beofre Christmas, December 24 2013 High School Hockey Rankings

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the rink
Not a player was stirring, not even those who stink
The gear was hung on the lockers with care
In hopes State titles soon would be there.

The players were nestled all along the bench
While visions of goal celies danced in their heads.
And Coach in his ascot, and I in my jacket
Had just settled on the rankings for a midseason whacket.
No ties this week
1. Toledo St. Johns ( 0)
2. Lake Catholic (0)
3. St. Ignatius (+1)
4.  Bowling Green (-1)
5. U.S  (-1) OT L to Rocky River at Thornton Park
6. St. Eds ( +4) not previously ranked
7. Toledo St. Francis (-2)
8. Rocky River (-1)
9. Dublin Coffman (+1) Not previously ranked

Items to Note
First time in as far I know ever, Sylvania Northview did not even win a game at Padua.
Toledo St. Johns is out performing both 2011 Toledo ST. Francis and 2010 ST. Ignatius championship teams.
Best lake Catholic team ever.

Biggest Surprise- Sylvania Northviews implosion and inability to win

What to expect in the second half
Toledo St. Johns to remain atop the Northwest Ohio and Ohio rankings.  Heated battle between Toledo ST Francis and Bowling Green for the second slot.
Lake and Ignatius to remain the top two in Cleveland with again a likely surprise ending in the playoffs.

When it comes to State Title games and attendance to venue size the state kindly provides this view.
Nation Wide holds (The VOID)  18500 The staff works agresively and hard to ensure fans are stacked into the sections they need to fill for tv time, with an average of 13,000 empty seats its a very quite place, far out of the way of main stream Ohio Hockey and the States Championship teams.
Bowling Green holds 6,000 Brooklyn both had average attendances at near capacity
The State will contiue to dictate hockey untill YOU tell them to change. Email
Steve Neil
In your words politely demand they end the State Title game at Nation Wide and return To Bowling Green and Brooklyn.  Demand they establish to Titles for the two clearly identifable levels of State play.  Demand they end their association with hockey federation rules and join USA hockey.  Demand the State Champions get to advance to USA Hockey HS nationals.

Merry Christmas