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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Tournaments and projections

Its Christmas for the love of God, so you should damn well be calling them Christmas Tournaments.  Yet Christmas was not even a holiday in early America.  It was in fact outlawed.  Should you have resided in Boston and been festive you would have been fined five shillings, or about 250$ by today's standards.  Christmas is not a christian holiday.  The Puritans who founded this great nation knew this fact, and had far closer ties and reasoning than we of today.  The upper classes in ancient Rome celebrated Dec. 25 as the birthday of the sun god Mithra. The date fell right in the middle of Saturnalia, a month long holiday dedicated to food, drink, and revelry, and Pope Julius I is said to have "chosen" that day to celebrate Christ's birth as a way of co-opting the pagan rituals. Beyond that, the Puritans considered it historically inaccurate to place the Messiah's arrival on Dec. 25. They thought Jesus had been born sometime in September.  Yet when you look at the varieties of calendars and extrapolate from the dates associated with the John the Baptist you land on or about the 15th of October.  "Are you seeing why it makes sense to be non-denominational" each religion was neck deep in a power struggle, using propaganda to change their story, so much so that you dont know what is up or down...this is in large part why commoners were not allowed to own bibles or read them, so the story could be controlled and thus the people.  In the same way Government has side steeped the US Constitution today, via random acts of bizarre interpretation.  Where its is easy to read, and comprehend the simple document.  Think of the elected class like this, the President is the Pope, senators are Patriarch Bishops who were supposed to Dioceses Bishops (ie appointed by state legislatures, so they represented the views of their state FIRST), but are instead  in line order for the POPE ie president to have greater power, now voted on by the people who are grossly mislead via national influences.  The Congress are the Major Archbishops, but they are supposed to be the Patriarch Bishops and the the supreme court is well...just a total mess as none of them can read simple English, and are more akin to the guy who tortured the people in the inquisition than any one of education. Yet what is of great interest here, is that  History shows us in statistics that schools were less violent, more tolerant and more nurturing when our educators were free of the Atheist State.  So while the courts first failure on the Separation of Church state issue, was to even weigh in, as that act alone means a violation in the form of a ruling will establish a belief system as a state endorsed religion. Quite the Paradox...yet another fine example of out of control government, just as exorbitantly high regulatory standards on manufacturing have taken clean manufacturing, quality jobs, and forced them over seas, where there are No pollution controls, and now even more manufacturing of goods.  But we can all feel good.  We are not the ones who doing the polluting.  Are we?   Further my fellow Ohio'ians you need to be reminded the1997  Supreme Court Ruled 4-3 in the DeRolph v. State case that the current use of collecting personal property tax to fund public schools was UNCONSTITUTIONAL and that a remedy needed to be found.  So here we sit, 2013 ending and a 1997 ruling has not yet been enforced and school boards keep tossing out UNCONSTITUTIONAL property tax levy upon levy.  Levies that should have to be proposed individually on each budget item at the very least, one for benefits, one for wages, one for facility repairs, one for busing, one for athletics one of educational supplies etc...  its only reasonable and quite simple to take the existing amount of dollars and a fix that to city income tax.  So while its by very definition illegal, extortion, preventing pure ownership of your land and home.  It goes on unenforced, and criminal....interesting.
This Christmas I encourage all of you to not ever look to government for answers, the only ones they have are those that take your liberty, and freedom, only to increase their power over you. Take back your rights,  and a good first step is calling your representative and supporting Ohio's Constitutional Cary Law.  A law that fully restores your right to keep and bare arms, what ever you want however you want, free of permit and ENDS THE USE OF UNSAFE SIGNS THAT DO NOT STOP CRIMINALS OR PREVENT MASS MURDER.
Then turn off the tv, turn off the phone.  Sit and talk with your families, play board games, go sledding, make some gifts for neighbors, or invite them in.  Make this Christmas about being a proud American...and watch the world Jr championships :)
Now back to hockey, 

So as I look at the Padua CHRISTMAS line up
Sylvania Northview looks to go 2-1 beating Padua, loosing to Ignatius and beating St eds but loosing in consolation to Ignatius.
St. Ignatius, this is a tough draw, but Im saying they to go 2-1 loosing to St Johns, beating NV, Beating St. Francis. Ignatius beats Northview in Consolation game.
Lake Catholic 3-0 beats Findlay, beats St. Johns, Beats Liberty
Toledo St Johns goes 2-1 and wins Championship over Lake Catholic, after loosing to Lake in round robin
St. Eds 1-2 losing to St Francis, beating Liberty, losing to Northview
Padua 1-2 with losses to Northview and St. Johns win or tie Findlay
Olentangy Liberty best out come 1-2 worst 0-3
St Francis 2-1
Findlay 1-2

Bowling Green has a good shot of wining Thorton Park Christmas Tourney this year.
Teams are Hudson, Mentor, Shaker, Strongsville, Brekville, North Olmsted and Rocky River.
Top three are Bowling Green, Shaker and Rocky River.
I see a BG over Hudson, BG over Shaker and BG over Rocky in a final  BG just needs to take care of Business.

Have fun, be merry, treat others as you yourself want to be treated and have a wonderful Christmas break!