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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Toledo St. Johns likely to win Padua

The Titans are taking care of business and to any and all who doubted or had any doubts.  You can doubt no more.  The 2013-14 Titans are making a case for the States best team ever.
Rolling over St. Ignatius 4-0, and rolling over Lake Catholic 4-0.  Should the Titans just take care of business and play every game they will be going all the way.  The Titans play St. Eds today.

Sylvania Northview lost to Padua.  Then to St. Eds 3-2 Illustrating just how much this club is struggling defensively and with consistency.  The Padua and St. Eds games were games they needed to win. Going 0-3 is the end result.  Yet in the 3-2 loss to Eds, Northview racked up the PIM like a prepper stocks band-aids.  So this morning against Ignatius they bench goal scorers and keep the penalty goons on the ice and get shut out against St Ignatius 5-0.  Understandable the sounds of double standards and favoritism before team and wining.  No sign of team chemistry or leadership insight, nor is any sign of competitive improvement.

The opposite of Sylvania Northview are the Knights.  They have done well as expected and had nice 5-1 win over Padua.   This team is going to battle hard to the end every day.  Every player playing for the team and not self, coaches that have a plan, and coach to it, regardless of name, but based on ability.