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Saturday, January 11, 2014

6400 views per month

That is what Scouting Ohio High School is bringing you, the fans.  Thank you all for your support and enjoyment of this product.  Records for the blog included single day highs of 3,129 hits, a longest visit of 192 hours...obviously the left on vacation with their browser open, farthest followers...mother Russia, Norway and Italy.

What is in store?  I am working on a piece that should hopefully hit ALL current Ohio JR and NCAA players, with so many leagues its a bit daunting.  The Ohio HS A list, the who's who this year.  As always those witty weekly and weekend updates, that make stuff come out your nose, or make you just rage. ROFLMAO

It pleases me to say that for the Ohio players, your quality of play and dedication to the sport is earning you growing interest.  I know for fact and from speaking with other scouts ( where I often receive shared information), that they are making more effort to get to your games.  Where are they from?  These scouts are primarily from Tier3 jr hockey, a from the GO and OJ and the random NCAA d3 school, several ACHA Club hockey programs.  When compared to levels ten years ago, this is a massive improvement.