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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Path to NCAA hockey, and East Coast JR Hockey

This is my first published ranking of the East coast Jr Hockey Leagues.  This illustrates the overall picture of what the East Coast has to offer the aspiring young player.
1.  South Shore Kings USPHL premier
2. New Jersey Hitmen USPHL premier
3. Junior Bruins USPHL premier
4. New Hampshire Jr Monarchs EHL
5. Ct. Oilers EHL
6. Philadelphia Little Flyers EHL
7. Northern Cyclones EHL
8. Philadelphia Flyers USPHL premier
9. Islanders Hockey Club USPHL premier
10 New Jersey Rockets EHL

Currently the USPHL Premier teams have 57 players with NCAA College Commitments to D1 (50) D3 (7) published at this time.  Please note those commitments include those from players who may have committed as many as 3 years ago, and are not earned this season. The EHL is home to 31 NCAA D1 (17) d3 (14).   The EHL winter showcase had 103 NCAA D1 and D3 scouts on hand as well as 17 professional scouts.  That number of 100+ scouts is consistent showcase to showcase.  This is the Mid point of the season, its safe to estimate the USPHL will add another 25, and the ehl should see another 15 D1 and 20 d3.   As comparison the NAHL currently is home to 76 NCAA D1 and D3 college committed players.  The NAHL should come seasons end land about 155.   The link below is an informative article on the EHL  and east coast scene.  As is the case no matter where player decides to accept an offer to play.  He and his parents need go where he will develop and play.  There is nothing worse for a player than going to a team with two years of jr eligibility and not playing for one year.  Players need to be where they will play, be successful and have exposure, where the end goal is NCAA hockey and beyond. Success for the Ohio High School Athlete begins when the idea first hits him/her.  As parents your job is to do everything you can to support that dream, not drive it.  We need to guide them on a path where work ethic and skill development intersect and live in union.  The average Jr hockey season is 60 games.  The average age of jr hockey players is 19.3.  Physical training is key.  Players that are not physically ready will suffer from intimidation and honestly be destroyed.  Programs like those offered by   EAO sports   where professional trainers know to sport specific train your child will help them.  Will teach them the work ethic need to be successful and survive and thrive in JR hockey.    Its hard in many cases for parents to get out of the way and support.  Enjoy your snow day.
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