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Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday January 13th 2014

Oh so much to write about this fine fine Monday morning.  I just dont know where really to begin.

So mark the date: January 25th 2014, BGSU Ice arena High NOON.

Midget Major AAA face off.  This is a must see game for North West Ohio Hockey parents and players.  I have said time and time again how very fortunate we are to live where we do.  We have amazing access to hockey.  We have NCAA d1 power houses in and out on a regular basis.  We have the Plymouth Whalers of the OHL, we have the National Development Teams 18-17u, We have the core of the best Midget Major and minor teams around us.  This what is the Sylvania Northstars are building towards with the help of local hockey families, its going to take a concerted effort by that staff working with all area parents and clubs to achieve that goal.  I also know January is hard on  hockey families with all the travel.  This game is being played at noon, its doable.  It is going to pack a punch as well, and will show you and your sons what a 16-18 year old NCAA committee players look like.  One in particular that has been publicly announced is

Detroit Honey Baked : Michael Houle RW 6'2" DOB 6/22/96 Committed to BGSU for 2016
Each team has several players with commitments where those public announcements are forthcoming.  The Bobcats play at 1:30 following that game so I know the Bobcat faithful will be on hand, the Titans are off, and the Trojans are in town as well.

So lets look at things played out this weekend, and for that we are to the wild wild east.  St. Ignatius and Holy name.  I said this was a game St Ignatius needed to win, to fully establish their team.  Even predicted  the Wildcats would take them down to china town 4-1.  Holy Name set the standard for things going arey this weekend, wining that game 3-2.  This just as in other results does not spell doom and gloom for the Wildcats.  The Wildcats can rebound and be back on track with wins on the 24th St Ed's  28th U.S. and 31st against Gilmour.  All teams stumble at some point in their season.  St. Francis did against Northview in their title season, as did Ignatius in theirs and Northview in theirs.  What the stumbles mean we will address as we drive in to the North West.  I still have Ignatius in the Second State spot and a favorite in winning to reach States.  The mover and shaker in east is Walsh.  Steadily taking care of business, being fairly responsible in the Dzone and winning games that need to be won, like this weekend over St. Eds.  Now that sets the stage for the glory boys.  Walsh vs Lake Catholic.  Lake has also been taking care of business on the year.  They fell to Holy Name and bounced back with a spank your ass and color me happy 6-0 route of US.  This mid week 15 January game has all the potential to be an over time thriller.  Honestly its hard to call this one.  The number 3 state spot is on the line.  Its going to be battle any way you slice it.  I like Lake, and Im sticking with Lake to win.

Down South in the southern comfort zone I see myself wavering a bit, and have heard argument for and against those southern cross rankings.  The only adjustment down here is needed, and its endorsed by what matters most the numbers.  St. Charles is still on top and Orange has arrived. 

Up north as we drive in to Wood County we change our ride.  Climb on board a big Mac Truck

 Its a Big Blue and Yellow Mac Truck loaded a hoard of wild eyed screaming, cheering, skating, hitting and scoring TROJANS!  The Trojans are just fighters, they battle all kinds of adversity every year and just remain a factor in every game from the first drop to the last horn.  You just can not say enough good things about that kind of play.  Add in on the drive into Lucas county they made road kill out of the cats beating them 4-1, on the same night those Bobcats gave the Titans a very real and hard core run for the money in well played and well coached series.  The Titans did however slay the bobcats, in game the bobcats lead 1-0 at the end of won, were tied 2-2 at the end of two and finally fell 3-2 in regulation.  I am all for the Bobcats right now, they have played two fewer league games than the rest of league do to weather and are on track.  Two looses to the Titans the number 1 team in the state and a split with the Knights has left the bobcats positioned where they can attain the second or third state spot.  Both of which are coveted as your easily opposite the Titans this year if you take care of business.  Speaking care of taking care of business, we hit that cat earlier and that stench is getting bad, whats worse is for the Titans, they stepped in it.  Yup, stepped and a slipped right in that road kill.  Guts and hair all over their boots, its just nasty to picture, and to imagine the smell, wow.  At any rate that game with the Bobcats looks to have drained the Titans.  The Titans were lathargic to start but managed to net an early goal the rising Zombie cats.  The Zombi rose, walked and fought back with scoring from some of my favorite players Kobach and Galecki and a thrid was on his game- Estrell.  The real group to focus on here is Wulf, Kross and Beatie.  What I see as a strong nuclease for the future. Wulf is developing quickly.  Kross has the blending of DeWitt and Kelsy, in that he has the size and a fearless lion mentality of DeWitt coupled with the potential to be as positionally and situationally disciplined as Kelsey the tweaks will come and it will be interesting to watch  as the cats rebuild.  That said there is no rebuilding for the Titans in the near future just a steady stream of well developed talent in Mike Hayes pond.  Case and point the following the over time loss to the cats.  the Titans took their boots off, rinsed off the road kill and got back to business battling and beating a quality Mi team.  So while the loss to NV is but a speed bump for them, it will amount to one of two things for the cats.  Its either a fluke, or will be a marques victory and mark the turning point in their season.   Some like to say Hayes just cant win the big game.  I do not believe that was a particularly big game, and judging by the turn out the fans did not either.
 The log jam is still in effect.  Teams have anywhere from 2 games to play to 4, the potential for an exciting finish is very real.

 State Rankings

1. Toledo St Johns
2. ST Ignatius
3. Lake Catholic
4. Walsh jesuit (+1)
5. University School (-1)
6. Bowling Green (-2)
7. Toledo St Francis (+1)
8. St. Charles (-1)
9. Holy Name (+1)
10. Olentangy Orange

Things to come will be hot and spicy...that is "the program" to say subtly will be exposed.