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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ohio High School Rankings January 22nd 2014

What a wild week!  The twists and turns of everyday life coupled with the hockey of the past few days and you just may need your own exorcist.  I opted to put a whole slue of topics in to one post.  Topic range from the Ohio Proud making those NCAA d1 visits!  Then ending with this weeks Ohio High School Rankings and all that comes in between.

The University of Alaska Anchorage, likely the most beautiful in the Union, and most remote.  Those who play here have a great hockey facility, which is what makes it an easy top pick for so many NCAA bound players. 
The Shawn Walsh Hockey Center University of Maine's 2005 hockey operations addition

The Black Bears have over 60 NHL Alumni who are proud to say they were former Black Bears.  Recently Jimmy Howard,& Gustav Nyquest.
Now in the ranks of the NCAA Division Programs all have standards, high standards.  Time to time I have made mention to our aspiring High School players how critical it is to keep doors OPEN.  As youngmen, I am taking this a step farther.  Reason being the world of electrionica we now live in.  As parents, and student athletes the following rules MUST apply to your daily lives!  At age 14 for parents you simply must study your childs social media and talk with them.  There is no room for playing the fool.  This was just enforced again, while my sons 10u team was visiting the University of Notre Dame.  After the Coaches are intrigued by a players performance, the second thing they do google you.  If your a dick head or stupid a-hole on social media, your out.  Pics of parties, etc and general fooling around are not what they are interested in.  Your next hurdle, is academics and it goes with out saying ND among the most competitive institutions in the Nation.  So parents keep pushing your kids to be students at the highest level.  Just as we push them to be at the highest level in Sports.  So that boys like these
Logo Illumination only bellow lights on.
Above each ND locker stall has its own AC ventsBelow the Team Lounge complete with bubble hockey, Foosball and ping pong
Team Meeting Room-Film Room
Have a shot at becoming men like these
Lake Superior State
The commitment to play hockey at the highest levels has to first be fueled by player desire, nurtured by parents and coaches.  Players must be pushed to succeed in the class room and be accredited as being persons of high character.  Should the skill be there as they progress they will be noticed, should their lives be in order, they then have the best chance of attaining the next step of their dreams.

So as move in to the Ohio HS picture this weekend was a tournament weekend.  Filled with action that was largly out of confernce related.  It does provide some clearly picture as to where we are with the statuses of the various programs.  We see some trends being confirmed, others still developing.  Last weeks January 13ths rankings
State Rankings

1. Toledo St Johns
2. ST Ignatius
3. Lake Catholic
4. Walsh Jesuit (+1)
5. University School (-1)
6. Bowling Green (-2)
7. Toledo St Francis (+1)
8. St. Charles (-1)
9. Holy Name (+1)
10. Olentangy Orange

St. johns, Ignatius and Lake have consistently been atop the rankings.

Toledo St. Johns as you will recall back on the Tenth had a league come back victory against the impressively developing Bobcats.  Followed by an over time loss to another league foe Sylvania Northview.  A Northview that had been falling on their faces and stubbing their toes at every opportunity this season.  To which the tweets, and chatter all pointed to the Titans demons, and Mike Hayes skeleton....which has a boney finger pointing at the writing on the wall.... " You can not win when it counts".  Case and point this weekend the Titans beat a awful padua club 9-0 and team they should not even get on the ice with Moeller buy only 4-1.  They then tie Cleveland mediocre U.S 3-3 and then tie contender Lake Catholic 1-1.  Two teams that while solid, are teams this St. Johns club should dispatch with ease.  While not losses, and while St. johns is still "the best team" in the state it looks as if they are trying to coast and win the skill that will not be enough alone to bring home a title with.  So much so, that they just lost the top spot and if changes do not become apparent in this weeks contest the Titans, will not make it out of districts....and youll be surprised at who I have heading down to the VOID in Columbus for the Politically correct everyone's a winner finals.

St. Ignatius... the Wildcats had an interesting weekend.  most notable here is they needed OT to beat St. Ed and were unable to beat Sylvania North View, landing a tie....  Historically the Ignatius teams hit a speed bump.  I am willing to give them some benefit of the doubt do to that historic blip, with games against St eds this friday and U.S next wed...if we dont the W's outright...its no speed bump.  The wildcats will have Peeked...and will be sliding down the hill.  Which Based on the DOMINATE play of Lake Catholic beating Xavier 7-0, Jerome 4-1, St. Francis 4-1 and our top team St. Johns 2-1 in OT!  Launching Lake out of that statistical tie with Iggy to the top spot by the narrowest of margins!  Needing only to beat a hot holy name and Great lakes league leader Walsh to sit in the drivers seat in the playoffs.

So lets look back to a week ago....  Sylvania Northview Rolled the emperor himself out on to the bench.  We are told the dark lord vader was away on business of the empire.  But here at scouting ohio we found and dug out the truth!
The emperor pictured here- 
was on the bench using his dark powers to awaken and raise the dead!  THAT IS RIGHT, 
are now skating among us!  Feeding on the brains of foes.  Northview Tied Ignatius, and lost a close one to Eds this weekend.  We will see this weekend how the Bobcats of Bowling Green deal with the Zombie Cats of Sylvania.

Your State Rankings for January 22
1. Lake Catholic (+2)
2. Toledo St. Johns (-1)
3. St. Ignatius (-2)
4. Walsh
5. U.S
6. BG
7. St Charles +1
8. ST. Francis -1
9. Holy Name
10. Dublin Jerome

Dalton Carter Sylvania Ohio has publicly announced his commitment to Play NCAA D3 Hockey for UTICA College.  THE EHL star defense and Captain of the Northern Cyclones.  Carter has been an offensive key for the Cyclones from the Blue Line the past two seasons.  His current 25 pts in 27 games come on 4 g and 21 A.  Carter will play for the Utica College starting this fall or 2014.  Utica college is currently ranked 10th in the country and well on the path to another NCAA title fight.
DAlton Carter press release   
Click link