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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Junior Updates and Ohio HS Top Prospects

Nolan Culver #29 Minnesota Wilderness NAHL, Signs autographs for fans along with #3 Terry Lebo


Leadership has been described as "a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common tasks, though there are alternative definitions of leadership. For example, some understand a leader simply as somebody whom people follow, or as somebody who guides or directs others, while others define leadership as "organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal".
Studies of Leadership have produced theories involving traits, situational interaction, function, behavior, power, vision and values, charisma and intelligence, among others.  Some wear a badge the denotes a position of leadership, others are they guy everyone naturally turns too. 

 What is worth noting is that where leadership and jr hockey merge, leadership roles become ever so more important.  Though not the most predominate in JR hockey leagues, the Ohio HS veterans are standing out as Leaders.   

Congratulations to all the parents, who raised such good, responsible and sought after young men. Congratulations to all the coaches at the levels who have influenced and developed these young men.  Being recognized by your teammates and coaches at the JR as being a LEADER, on and off the ice, takes theses few and special JR players and sets them even higher, as their are no slouch players in the JR ranks  Being looked at in the locker room or on the bench when the chips are down, to find an answer, and show resiliency is an especially noble and rare quality.  It as much as or possibly more than anything says who you are, what you are capable of, and what you will do as a person.

 Nolan Culver- NAHL Minnesota Wilderness, Sylvania Ohio, 1993 5-10 173lbs 27games 3G 3A 6pts +2 42 PIM  Captain Left shot F/C  Carer Games 96 18G  18A 36pTs +12 102 PIM NCAA college commitment to be announced

Dalton Carter-  EHL Northern Cyclones, Sylvania Ohio, 1993 6'1" 205lbs  27 games 4G 21A 25pts 64PIM
 Defense.  Captain  Carer 61 10G 30A 40pts 120 PIM  NCAA  commitment-TBD/ To be announced

Zach Felser- Captain EHL Philadelphia Little Flyers, Sylvania Ohio, 1994 5'9" 170lbs  30 Games 14G 26 A 40 PTS 30 PIM +- +31 Left Shot FWD Captian  4th in EHL in scoring , NCAA College Commitment TBD/to be announced

Nathan Opblinger-  Captain GOJHL Leamington Flyers, Toledo Ohio 93, 6'1" 185lbs 36 games, 16 G, 20 A, 36 pts, 28 pim  Carer 77games, 30g, 42 A72 PTS 40PIM  NCAA to be announced

Austyn Roudebusch- GOJHL Leamington Flyers, Toledo Ohio 1993, 6'4" 203lbs 18 games 1029 min, 13 Wins 3 L 1 OTL 1 SOL 1 shut out. Goals against 41, 2.39 GAA, 460 saves Save % .918 Austyn is an ELIET GOALIE  Carer 42 games, 2397 min, 26W 11L 3 OTL, 1 SOL 2 Shut out, 107 Goals Against 2.68 GAA 1005 saves, .912 Save %   NCAA TBD

Alex Okicki- Nahl Johnstown Tomahawks, Concord Ohio 1993 6"1" 175lbs 28 games 1605:50 min played 15 W 10 L 3 shut out, 68 Goals Against, 2.54 GAA 752 saves Saver %.917
Carer 5281 min played, 48 Wins 30 L, 6OTL 1 SOL 7 Shut out, 232 Goals Against, 2.64 GAA 2605 saves .918 save percentage.  Alex is a thoroughbred goalie in the ELIET catagory of goalies.  NCAA TBD

Jude Warner- EHL Philadelphia Little Flyers, Pickerington Ohio 1994 5'9" 165lbs,  28 games 8 G 15 A 23 PTS 72PIM   carer 103 games 15 G 26A 41 PTS  123PIM NCAA To be announced

Austin Kelly - EHL Philadelphia Little Flyers, Toledo Ohio 1995 5'10" 175lbs 29 games 7G 8A 15 pts 6PIM  NCAA TBD

 Drew Crandall- EHL Washington nationals, 1994 6' 170lbs Sylvania Ohio,  14 games, 2g 4a 6pts 8pim  ACHA D3 club Ohio University, NCAA D3 To be announced

Graham Kelsey - GOJHL Leamington Flyers, Sylvania Ohio, 1993 6'1" 175lbs, 35 games, 2G 6A 28PIM  Defense  ACHA CLub, NCAA D# TBD

Alexander Pryor- USPHL  Bay State Breakers 1995 Sylvania Ohio, 5'9" 160lbs 31 games 3 g 7A 10pts 28 PIM  NCAA TBD

Gabe Lampron- USPHL Palm Beach, 1994 LaGrange Ohio, 6' 203lbs 28 games 15 G 23 A 38pts 43 PIM  Forward

Luke Sunde- USPHL Palm Beach ,1994, 6' 194 lbs Medina Ohio 28 games 14 G 13 A 27 PTS 14 PIM  Forward

Mark Sunde- USPHL Palm Beach, 1994 Medina Ohio, 6'1" 187lbs 27 Games 6G 17 A 23 pts 14PIM

Alex Wooley- GMHL,  Orangeville Americans, Findlay Ohio, 527min played 316 shots against, 47 goals against 5.35 gaa save %.851

CJ Hoy- EHL Hartford Wolf Pack, Avon Ohio, F 5-10 170 lbs 1994, 25 games 8G, 9A 17pts 10PIM

Kyler Omey-Na3hl Toledo Cherokee, 1994 Sylvania Ohio, 5'11" 185lbs 30 games 0g 16 A 16pts 38 PIM  carer
78games 3 g 30 a 33pts 70 pts Defense

Clay Horvath -Na3hl Toledo Cherokee, Lewis Center Ohio 1995 5'11" 160lbs 17 games 1003 min 9w 5L 2 SOL GA 46 2.75GAA 489 saves .914 save %

nathan Gay NA3HL toeldo Cherokee, bowling green ohio 1994, 6'5" 210lbs 6 games 357 min 2 w 2 l 1 otl 1 sow.  2.01 gaa 137 saves .919 save % carrer    MNJHL stats twin City Norther lights 8 games 1.44 gaa .928 save%