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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"This is War" song title 30 seconds to Mars

 2010 WHL Champions, Calgary Hitmen highlights
So there you have it Hockey fans.  All the rescheduled games caused by either weather or mechanical issues at facilities, have made this years slide down into the playoffs a log jam of hockey packed ACTION !  Toss in the mid winter break tournaments and its a lot of hockey. We are in the last four weeks of the season.  That said there are some great league games all jammed together this weekend.
North West Ohio, Friday the Trojans head in to town with one highly tweeted thing on their minds...obliterating Sylvania Northview.  Those Trojans have no qualms beating a guy when he is down, and tare looking for payback from some the beatings NV delt them in recent seasons.  It should be a harsh game.  Findlay then plays Toledo St. Francis on the 11th in a game that should go to the knights.  The number one team in the state has great series this weekend.  First on the 10th a 9 pm tilt and rematch with the Bowling Green Bobcats.  Last weekend the Titans cut their paws off in a 5-0 final, I have a feeling you'll see far closer game.  Heck the Titans had two PP goals and two very fortunate bounces to tally 5 in that last game.  I figure this to be a 2 goal game, say 3-1 Titans.  The Titans then get to have a go with the Wildcats where I figure the last 7-3 score may not be high enough for the Titans who may crack 10.
In the East ST. Ignatius is heading to battle with Holy Name.  Holy Name is coming in to the match following a big win 5-1 over Lake Catholic.  I expect Ignatius to win, and they need to win this game.  I believe Holy Name will be a big factor in post season play, but right now they just dont have enough to take down the Wildcats, 4-1 Ignatius.  ST. Eds had an out right horrible start this year.  Then after 5 losses and 1w to start the year, some called Tyler Harkins a rat, for abandoning ship.  St. Eds is now at 500 over all and is surrendering more goals a league game than putting up.  I am surprised more have not left, to go develop at higher levels.  You can easily say to the program "who is more foolish?  The fool, or the fools who follow him?"  Not that there is anything wrong with St. Eds, but really the public display of out right bullshit that followed his departure, by students and more so parents was just childish.  The antics of some parents these days is really quite deplorable.  Writing letters to athletic directors, and coaches in vain efforts trying to promote their child.  Shame, shame, shame on you.  Walsh should defeat St Eds, 4-1, as they head toward the Lake Catholic rematch on the 15th.  U.S will beat Padua, and likely loose a tight one to Lake Catholic.

At this point in your seasons HOPE is not the answer.  BELIEF is. 
"Teams that hope to win, never win because they lack all belief in each others abilities to even achieve the simple tasks in a game.  When teams believe they will win, the door to a higher level is opened... and in that room there are no limits.  Play with belief.  Play with out limits..."  Shawn Walsh, University Maine Head Coach 1984-2001