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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cleveland hockey action

Holy Name's march in the rankings was predictably halted, when they crossed paths with Walsh Jesuit on the 28th.  Walsh downed them 3-1 and if they had not backed off it could have been dominate.  Holy Name only has St. Ed's and U.S remaining for the year. ONLY, right.  Holy Name will loose both.
Wlash will play Toledo St. johns this weekend in a game that will be telling for the Titans, and hayes big game curse...
St. Ignatius has an Iron man this weekend.  Playing Gilmour, ligget, and U.S  I would like to see the Wildcats down Gilmour and U.S  as those two games are more meaningful.  A full run on the weekend tells me the Wildcats are state bound
 The Bowling Green Bobcats, who I have been excited about in their resurgence.  Have been plagued by storms.  They look to play the core of their scheduled in these final weeks.  Playing Sylvania North 2-1, Findlay on 2-4 and 2-7 @ Findlay, Sylvania North on 2-8.  Blowing has thus far split with St Fransis, and beaten them in a tourny, lost two to St. Johns, but really gave the Titans fits and exposed the Titans leading from the start of the game only to loose late.  BG is still my preseason dark horse for NW Ohio....which brings me to the formerly dominate, consistently wining, on hard times....ZOMBIE CATS!  2-3 thus far in NW ohio play.  Being out scored 75% of the time, in league play.  Overall to win a game they to net nearly 4 1/2 goals a game.  So why am talking about Sylvania?  They have had time.  Time to develop, which makes it a whole new season.  Despair to Joy...maybe not.. I suspect that all the rescheduled games have given them time to rise., but  Can they win all three remaining games?  In a word, yes.  That would take the Cats to second place in NW Ohio.   Yet I will predict Sylvania will go 1-2.  Being swept by BG, and earning a season split with the Knights.  The Knight have a lot to play for.  A win over Sylvania will lock them in to second place for the year.  I think it will go to over time, and that over time and I give that game to Sylvania.  That game will drain and will open the door for BG the following night.
The North West division looks to end up with
1. Toledo St. John
2. Toledo St. Francis
3. Bowling Green
4. Sylvanai
5. Findlay.

District final  Toledo St. Johns, vs Bowling Green.....or   Sylvania Northview vs Bowling Green...
assuming brackets fall into for the Titans...its still your year.  Its been your year many years....I wonder about this Titans Curse and the inablilty to win when it matters most.  They could benefit largely from strong Prayer in their locker room moving forward in faith.

Battle to the end seems the season has only just begun...