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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I am not the only that hates bad arenas in Columbus!

Followers of this blog know full well the magnitude of my disgust for holding a High School Championship in the "VOID" of columbus.  The same applies to the deplorable Buckeyes, and that program which is a greater after thought than the Ohio State Quiditch Team! 

Friends do not let friends play hockey at Ohio State

"Ohio State, which plays its games in the antiseptic and charmless Value City Arena. It’s a concrete jungle. I’ve caught a Buckeyes men’s basketball game here when this place is nearly full and it still doesn’t impress, so imagine what it’s like for hockey. Not good, especially when the place is less than 50 percent full — in the lower bowl. The Buckeyes draw so poorly for hockey they just close the upper bowl right off."  -Joe Connor